Saturday, June 5, 2010

KING tiger Wanghu

Decided to visit my German friend's Mystic Tomato blog and apparently he's stopped blogging and decided to go to the next stage....Yugitubing!

So, visited his profile, and saw that he had only one video up and so I watched it. he discussed a blackwing deck. It looked pretty standard, more ala-OCG now since it's more or less based on Jae Kims build.
One card in the sideboard particularly stood out for me.
Yeah King Tiger Wanghu.
Why is it the most amazing sidedeck cards for E-Heroes, BF and GB, Machina this format?
Because it screws up QuickDraw and just basically stops token farming altogether. Sure Ryko can destroy it, but Ryko destroys everything...
For Bf, it destroys Holy Light which is damn annoying. Wanghu is Earth anyways so bye bye Light. Lol.
It destroys Infernitites and he has to summon an Archfiend to destroy it. But that's why we have heavy backrow options for these decks!
I've been looking for the perfect card to side against Frog Monarchs. Bye Bye Battle Fader, bye bye Frog, bye bye everything.
Because I don't have any Holy Light, I will side in 2 Skill Drains, 2 Royal Oppression, 3 King Tiger Wanghu, 2 Dark Imprisoning Mirror. Hatred much. They will scoop, i tell you. If they draw Giant Trunade, then I will scoop :)
Thanks, Mystic Tomato! You have a deep German accent. Cool!

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Gu4rdi4n 4ng3l said...

no need to thank me =P
yop, my german accent is baaaad xD