Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Really don't know what to blog about.

Once Sung Lee sends me his and ojisan (Big Mike)'s decklists, i will post it up and do a review/ deck discussion/ the champions article for them.

Similar to the one I did with ivan's Tele DAD Jinzo wayy back 2 yrs ago.

Sung Lee and Oji san made very good meta reads. As Plant Gigavise isn't an expected deck, he took advantage of that fact. It also provides good OTK method which is very different in a BF heavy format.

That's why most people aren't prepared by it. So he could win easily.

Like I said, rogue builds have a great advantage in the game.

Same goes for Ojisan. He plays Frog FTK because its a one round elimination. How many people can take out that deck on turn 1 without siding? Or draw that one lucky piece of DD Crow on turn 1? How many players run Effect Veiler?

His happy go lucky attitude and carefree attitude (he only plays Yugioh for fun). I think winning all the way to finals must have been very fun.

Also Frogs were not a popular deck in Malaysia. So, most duelists were not siding for Game 2 and 3. Perhaps only us bloggers heard about frogs? and some other duelists who read and keep up with the meta trend. Most kids who play casually only know BF BF BF etc. Some don't even know how to sidedeck?

Once again, gratz to Sung Lee and Michael Yap!

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