Monday, June 21, 2010

Mass Driver + Froggy Monarchs

Basically everybody hates Frogs now. Its like some passion. Scrub to Frogs and hate it.

I for one hate it too.

All are annoying asses and its cheap and good, and that's why we hate it. (Blackie, and others who hate it too, I support you)

Mask of Rsetrict them please!
Substitoad and Monarchs die hahaha

So there are basically 2 versions of Froggys running around:
1) Froggy Monarchs
2) Froggy Mass Driver OTK

For a long time, many people have been wondering which is the better variant?

I don't know, no comment, both is equally hateful to me, so I was just thinking, why not combine them together.

Yeah, why not?

Splash 1 or 2 Mass driver as tech in Froggys Monarchs.

Say the deck thins down really fast due to Ronintoaden + Substitoad + Swap Frog loop.

And it has 3 Morayz of Greed.

So it can seriously access Mass Driver really fast.

The average Froggy Monarch deck runs essentially 13 frogs, maxing out on all the essential ones:

3 Substitoad
3 Swap Frog
3 Dupe Frog
2 Ronintoadin
2 Treeborn frog

So Mass Driver can dish out 400 damage per card. So a total of 13 frogs deals you :

13 x 400 = 5200 damage already.

Lets say you didn't manage to use all 13 frogs, so plus minus abit, you still manage to deal about 4000 damage, at the least.

Say you deal another 400 damage for tributing a Monarch. Total already:

5200 + 400 = 5600 damage.
or 4000 + 400 = 4400 damage.

Lets say you direct attacked once with a monarch or so in early game.. You have dealt:

5600 + 2400 damage = 8000 = GG,
4400 + 2400= 6800 damage. Orz //

So at the least you can deal 6800 damage. Only 1200 damage left ba. I'm sure you can chip it off from a Light and Darkness Dragon or Caius burn or random damage inflicted from battle or even another direct attack from a Monarch!

Lets not forget random stuff like Battle fader and Tragodia. More tribute fodder in all ways. Tragoedia can "Snatch Steal" somemore oh.

With random awesome stuff like Thestalos and Spritit Water Art Aoi, you can control the opponent's hand

Of course this small scale hand control is virtually nothing when XX sabers debut in the OCG. Even the advantage generated by the hateful Frog Monarch will be overshadowed by X Sabers.

Rescue Cat + Saber Slash + Saber Hole (the best "Hole" in Yugioh ever!) = broken.

Oh shit first turn synchro summon with Boggart Knight. Finally, drawing Airbellum isn't so bad!

Faultroll is a Monster Reincarnation on crack!

Emmersblade is the second best recruiter in the game aside from Mystic Tomato.

Darksoul is arguably as good as Sangan.

Saber Slash is a 1-for-1 at the least.

Hyunlei is a Heavy Storm.

Describe a more broken deck. Let me reaffirm my stance by saying even Chaos from last time cannot compare with the meta and tier 1 now, and there comes X sabers. Makes Yata lock and Devil Franken (Cyber Stein) OTK look like biscuits with the right cards..


Neuxcharge said...

Yea, people have been waiting for Frogs to be Tier 1 or higher and now is pretty much the best time lol!

Crack from D.D. , Kycoo,D.D. Crow, Wanghu and even Mask of Restrict works against them though.

And yea X-Sabers will be huge when they reach OCG, too bad Darksoul is in EXP04 and not in the next one X_x

mike said...


Do you hate frogs tooo?????

oh yah darksoul is out.... which means one thing: TCG aint getting it limited for 1yr ++++

aha i have finally seen how you look by andrews blog!