Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Trap Dust Scoop.

Anybody, everybody knows Trap DustShoot, and originially names "Scoop Shoot" by EGale, but personally, I think Trap Dust Scoop fits it much better.

Seriously, let's think about it. Never has a card has had so much effect on a certain point of the game , and in this case of this card, this card dominates the early game.

I've asked some players what they thought of the card.
"It's good. I take it out of my deck only because i'm playing casually"
"Awesome. No reason not to play it. I will main it when tourney comes...."
"Players say I end my turn. Cheaters say- Trap Dustshoot!"

Okay for this one, I didn't ask him, but it was on his msn PM so nothing much to ask!

So, what does this tell you?

Singapore and M'sia qualifiers are coming. Every deck that can main DustShoot should main it.
No, not should, MUST.

It cripples any bad hand, destroys any okay okay medium hand, and literally slows down an awesome hand.

BF will die to it, unless they have Black Whirlwind.
Infernity can be slowed down. Return their Dark Grephers.
Lightlord? Return Honest, JD, Ryko, Laila, celestia, the possibilities are endless.

You can return any Monarch back to the deck so they don't wreck you next turn.

VS Glads, return their Bestiari, Test Tiger , Cat, Summon Priest etc.

In dandy warrior, you can return Quick Synchron, or dandylion.

VS Gadgets you can almost assure you can activate Dust shoot, and return that stupid Gearframe/ Fortress back to the deck.

BF is the deck that can run Trap Dustshoot best. And that's the reason why every BF deck should run it. They have no reason not to.

They have Allure, and Cards for Black Feathers to dig for Dustshoot, Icarus, Whirlwind, and Oppression.

Even Infernity can run it efficiently, which some TCG duelists are doing so, now.

Let's not forget if you run it in a control heavy deck that constantly replaces their cards/ gains advantage (like Gadgets), its gold.

Machina Gadget is not fun, true story. Hero decks just hate it. Because the advantage generated by it is enough to replace the card loss that Absolute Zero/ Shining aims to do. Let's not forget
Chimeratech Fortress Dragon is not allowed. So sad. Now the only thing to effectively counter it is System Down.

Even in mid game, this card can cause quite a hassle because of the information it provides you with. It can tell you which direction you should be heading- control, or aggro. It tells you what/ what not to play.

It's a beast in late game where your opponent has lots of dead cards, when they draw that one monster which can turn the game around/ even the game/ create simplification.

Don't forget for Malaysia, the format is a Swiss round (I think?) which means single elimination (right?- sorry I've never been to a major tourney so I don't know the format, but I can play fairly well I think). With this single elimination format, you need all the luck you can get. And advantage you can get too.

Toppling and crippling that game for your opponent is what Dustshoot can do.

Trust me, from personal experience, Dustshoot wins games.

When you reach the top 16/ top 8, you can easily side it out in Games 2 and 3, so all pros and no cons.

Unless you are a sad person who doesn't get any luck with Dustshoot, and gay cards like Dark Armed Dragon cos you are damn soi, and you always draw it at the wrong time and it ends up a bad topdeck. Then, yeah....Stay away from Trap Dustshoot...True story...

On another story, Fusion Hero top 8-ed some tourney in Japan. Top 8 were all BF and Infernity and some Hero deck. Wonder why people still run Polymerization variants and not Fusion Gate ones. Poly ones lose too much advantage...But can provide a wider range of fusions...WHICH YOU DON'T EXACTLY NEED. Bleh.

Thanks for reading, just remember, main Trap Dustshoot!


Duelist#LGQ said...

by someone ... did you mean ... me ...?

my HERO deck plays Poly as well, its just a lot cooler than fusion gate. Trust me, it works better.

mike said...

You were referred several times in the post :D which one?

Haha, I have absolutely no access to 3 king of the swamps and 1x more miracle fusion.

I also dont have gungnir :( saddd

Exiro said...

iFernities play it against teh Crow.

Gu4rdi4n 4ng3l said...

Swiss = Rounds depending on the number off players with Cut to Top 8/16/32 (also depending on players) after the final Round, then going into single elimination ;)
SO you're not out if you lose one match in the Swiss round =P

Duelist#LGQ said...

its single elimination. Frickin' fak' up.

@mike : was I referred a few times?

mike said...

@ Mystic Tomato- Yup yup its single elimims, but i dono what it's called ^^

@Exiro- Everybody plays it :D

@LGQ- ya 2wice, actually. The DAD part and the MSN PM.

Poetry Slam said...
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Ryou said...

i think he choose poly because he can gets it much faster than fusion gate. he plays actually 6 polymerisations because of the three king of the swamps.
fusion gate is only better with the shining

Duelist#LGQ said...

real MAN plays Poly over Gate. Why ? Judai says so!!

mike said...

@LGQ- I am a kid. LOL. I haven't lost my damn virginity yet. So, yeah!!! Damn it , I haven't kissed too ^^

@Ryou- ooohh japanese ppl read my blog ^^ (besides rau, taka). thanks for ur insight! and also. I think Fusion Gate abuse is quite good too le. You can search it with Terraforming. But often it my become a dead card in hand.

All in all, the poly version has more combos and is more fun probably. But I will stick with Fusion gate version because its more safe and I also have no Gungnir, and 3 King of Swamp...Sad life right?