Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cheating 101

Since Nationals for Singapore and Malaysia is coming up, I'm gonna do a really short post about cheating.

One that is very very popular already is the monster in the spell/trap zone.

Yes, Infernity can be used in Singapore (if I'm not mistaken?) because Archfiend is considered a game promo card. OH.

It's a popular trick alright, ingenius, in a way, but very disgraceful.

So, most of you, after facing an Infernity player, should ask them to reveal all set face down spells/traps to make sure none of that is done. You will be very lucky if you can catch them, because its a free win for you.

Most of you know this already, but for those who don't please take heed.

Now the 2nd trick, less known, is one that (according to sources and TCG players) Peter Cheng conducted in order to bring Gadgets to the top deck.

Yes, its true the best gadget variant out there is probably Machina Gadget being the most consistent, the most explosive , and the most annoying, but what Cheng ran was a Jinzo-returner variant. In most cases, nobody is downgrading the deck (and I, certainly am not) but Cheng has been caught for cheating once before in previous tournaments.

Because Jinzo returner- gadgets is no where as consistent and its hard to believe it doing well against the likes of Infernity or even X-Sabers, let alone BF and Quickdraw decks.

So, how could it have won if the version which topped is inconsistent and also missing the elements of an Anti-Meta approach which should be amazing this point in the format.

Besides extreme luck and skill may be a factor, you cannot play cards you do not have.

The way I see is the reason Gadgets appeal to a fourth player base apart from my aforementioned. This is the environment of terminal cheaters. Many top players get away with what they can.

This is no secret, and they do so regardless of deck run. Bending rulings is nothing new, especially to knowledgeable players in the game. But, Gadgets are used by the players who have realized you can forgo the time to mathematically perfect a Gadget deck.

The answer lies in Gadgets searching capabilities. Because some players utilise it as an instant Gold Sarcophagus. So lets say I run 6 Gadgets, 1 Card X, 1-2 Gold Sarco, and 2 to 3 Gearframe, about 25% or more of my deck can reliably search any card I want.

See right, example: If I have 1 green gadget and 1 red gadget in hand, I can summon green gadget...and I dunno, search my deck for Future Fusion mmm...and then shuffle my deck, shuffle my hand around for a while then show the red gadget in my hand!

Once again, I AM NOT ACCUSING PETER CHENG of cheating. Because its not just me, its the whole damn internet!

So guys, when you do match up against Machina Gadget, pay very very detailed attention to the duelist. Maybe he cun cun search a Solidarity or Smashing Ground to eat you up. Ask that guy to reveal the card he searched out to you.

Now, this situation doesn't only go for Gadgets. It could apply to Black Whirlwind, Reinforcement of the Army, and such.

Apparently, its quite illegal to ask a judge to stand behind a player to see the cards in his hands/ or what he searched? Why Later people suspect that you and the judge are conspiring as he can tell you what sort of hand he has/ what sort of deck he plays bla bla bla by sign language.

Oh btw, guys, Pot of Greederosity, with its long and dumb name of combining Greed and Generosity together, resulting in an A-grade tongue twister, has had a name change in the TCG! Finally they made a name better!

They call it Pot of Duality.
Also, I'm not sure if this is legal, but it would be damn cool if it was. Activate Mystic Refpanel in response to Pot of Duality. Now you get to draw! Fun!


Bahamut84 said...

Actually u are always supposed to reveal what you searched from your deck unless a card states otherwise (Time Capsule)

mike said...

Yeah I thought so too.

But apparently the TCG states otherwise.

maybe that guy like serach the card and put it among the face down hand and I also dunno lah. -.-

confusing. it doesnt happen in the OCG as fas as im concerned. Just pointing it out for ppl to know.

Exiro said...

Player A suspects Player Inf. of cheating, so he asks to reveal fd s/ts after r1. However, Player Inf. is experienced with this and only cheats at r2/3 if his opponent didn't ask for a reveal after 1.

Now he's up against another player, Player C, who doesn't ask for a reveal. R2, Player Inf. cheats and wins, but now suddenly Player C does ask for a reveal! He was even more experienced with this and went for the free win!

Player Inf. learned from this and his suspects his next opponent, Player D, of being just as experienced as Player C, so he decides to cheat at r1 only because Player D will only ask after r2. etc. etc.

Interesting philosophy, no?