Friday, June 18, 2010

Mirror of the Ice Boundary

First of, the release of Mist Falcon Valley lets us build more great Beat decks! See Rauzes' for example.

Karakuri Ninja Sazanku is like a fake Snowman Eater for Machine decks. Its some lame floater.

The new Inverz in Duel terminal is like fake Monarch! The spell and trap card is not bad, and is quite good support. Wait for more support from upcoming DT sets and this may amount to some good archetype like MGS. Inverz Giraffa is good because although its lvl7, it requires only 1 monster to release summon. Also, it send one card to graveyard and lets you gain 1000 lp. Quite the opposite of our good friend Caius.

Inverz has potential to clear the entire field in one turn and swarm the field quite easily. Re-use with the magic and trap card that lets you destroy and draw stuff. Pay 500 life points and re-loop with Ultimate Offering or Gemini Summoner. Fun stuff there.

New Bf cards in the new sets is quite useless, imo. Even Back Black is overrated. Most good BF builds don't even run Call of the Haunted, which is 1000x better. Aurora looks good, but will never see anything than mere casual play.

Apart from that, not many new interesting cards.

Teched a single Royal Oppression in E-Hero Fusion beat. Though it may seem contradictory, it works VERY WELL. A well-played one can take your opponent off guard as no one really plays it in a special summon-heavy deck. But the deck can switch from offensive to defensive beat with beatsticks and the Gemini Spark Blast abuse which is damn gay now. Extremely annoying, true story. Once rendering opponent to at least 1000 life points, i don't think he dare to use Oppression anymore. So just fusion and beat from there on.

Its like what Jae Kim did to Tele-DAD. Awesome tech.

Also, many people totally forgot about the Sphinx cards from the 2nd Yugioh movie.

Looking back at it, paying 500 life points for a Pyramid of Light to summon an extremely strong monster of 2500 and 3000 attack points is damn strong.

It would make a good beat! Like DD Eatos. This time, we take out Eatos because its more inconsistent. Still, Sphinx has no risk. Except Oppression which everything dies to, so its really lovely.

Here we go!

2 Sphinx Teleia
3 Sphinx Andro
2 DD Survivor
2 Raiou
2 Doom Caliber Knight
3 Beast King Barbaros

1 Reinforcement of the Army
1 Mystical Space Typhoon
2 Smashing Ground
2 Card Trader
3 Dimension Fissure
2 Book of Moon
1 My Body As a Shield

2 Dimension Prison
1 Mirror Force
1 Torrential Tribute
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
2 Starlight Road
1 Solemn Judgment
2 Skill Drain
2 Dark Bribe
1 Macro Cosmos
2 Pyramid of Light

Random deck concept.

No,LGQ we aren't gonna main Theinen just cause its epic XD

Fun deck, try it out, your opponent sure WTF.

So, for the end of the post, lets talk about Ice Boundary cards!

New support. Dancing Girl?? I like!
Crest of Ice Boundary is direct Reinforcement. Hmm always good to have.

The last card is the gayest seriously.

effect: During this turn whenever card(s) are removed from play (from either your hand, field or graveyard), you can apply the following effects:
* If a card is removed from your hand, randomly remove 2 cards from play from your opponent's hand.
* If a card is removed from your field, remove up to 2 cards that your opponent controls.
* If a card is removed from your graveyard, remove up to 2 cards in your opponent's graveyard.

So, does this remind you of Trishula-sama? yes, notice that Triahula fits all 3 of the conditions perfectly.

Come and Trishula me la! I remove 2 Infenrity from your graveyard (equivalent to Crevice from a DD so it works VERY WELL.)

I remove 2 cards in your hand, well technically there will be only one card (the Infernity Gun added by Archfiend), so you will remove that as well.

Remove 2 cards on field. Probably 1 random Infenrity Monster and the Trishula.

Hahahah Infernity died to their own favourite card: Trishula!

Thanks, Konami for helping us f*ck Infernity.

Dont forget is a quick spell so no Trap Stun lock and it won't die to Heavy Storm. If he don't Trishula you, you will still probably die to Mist Wurm and other syncrho beat. But Oh well, its quite good already!

Now, let's wait for a card to f*ck Frog Monarchs up.. Oh yah. Big Burn all go to hell wahahaha!

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Duelist#LGQ said...

if you look at the mirror nicely, you'll actually see that it looks just like Trishula.

Ancient forgotten Ice Boundary wizard art that SEALed trishula in the 1st place!!

And no. I won't add Thenien in that deck, cause its not EPIC at all. Even Kuriboh looks better and his a furball.