Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tech and Innovation: Trap Stun and Graverobber

Today's trap card is some that some may consider a good choice to maindeck as tech for their decks for Worlds.

Trap Stun is more useful than you think. It negates Royal Oppression, giving you the chance to turn back the game with a synchro. It helps BF negate Oppression so they can summon too.

Protects you important card from being eaten by Bottomless Trap Hole.

Stops Torrential Tribute and Mirror Force from turning the game around in your opponent's favour.

Stops Icarus Attack to protect your cards, as well as garners you advantage since playing Trap Stun is losing only one card, while negating Icarus means your opponent has lost 2 cards (Icarus+ BF)

Stops Dimension Prison from claiming your Machina Fortress! And from stopping your swarm for game, powered up by Limit Break.

Stops that stupid Infernity Inferno from wrecking you.

Stops that stupid Crevice to a Different Dimension plus any traps so you can perform Infernity gay kill. Seriously, its like OCG Infernity Barrier!

Destroys GB and Quickdraw because it ruins Quickdraw's excellent early game setup, as well as negates traps of GB.

Extremely good in Malaysian meta. The advantage it provides you in game1 is too much, true story. One must be careful and conservative with the cards they play since its a single round elimination, and Trap Stun destroys it.
Graverobber is in extraordinary card. Long have we wondered why we don't have any of marik's spell stealing cards that shifted control fo his Monster Reborn to Yugi and back to him in the manga.

But I don't think many people noticed Graverobber. Old cards are really interesting.

Its like paying 2000 life points to activate one of your opponent's spell cards. Take his Pot of Duality, or Heavy Storm, Mystical Space Typhoon, or Brain Control.

This card is really interesting.

One thing to note is that if you don't use the spell , you don't receive 2k points of damage. It could be a one turn crow but nobody plays cards that takes back spell cards anymore anyways. Because hey are all banned lol.

Will Graverobber ever be used competitively?
Maybe. Its effect could be mediocre in the right format.

No, not this format. Its too risky to play it and get only some spell that doesn't excatly help you. Its definitely great vs some meta beat deck. Steal their Heavy Storm/ Smashing Grround, ha!

But still...not enough synergy. Imagine BF stealing XSabers spells. Nothing to steal. You wanna steal something, just side in Gottoms Emergency Calls. X Saber's best friend, worst enemy.

Also, Absolute Zero gets better and better. Choosing Absolute Zero instead of Shining brings more advantage than doing so vice versa.

Using Fusion gate and fusing Ab zero thrice, on subsequent turns will dish you out at least 5000 damage (from 2 Zero direct attacks). Plus combine it with other damage from other monsters, and a face down Solemn/ Bribe/ Starlight, your gonna cry..


Gu4rdi4n 4ng3l said...

I sided Graverobber in Zombies last format xP
Steal their Burrial xD

Anonymous said...

Monster Reborn is back, so this is again quite useful. Especially when paired with Double Spell. If you can pay the costs, you will effectively have 3 Monster Reborns, possibly in the same turn.

- gerhardified