Friday, February 18, 2011

Stuff About Exceed Summon and no.17 Revise Dragon

What attracted me to Revise Dragon was probably its rank, which is rank 3.

So i can only see Revise Dragon being OKAY in sabers for now.

Why? Cos Sabers can spam level 3 monsters like freaking fast in the form of Dark Souls.

Think this:

Use 2 Darksouls as Overlay units for Revise Dragon.

Send 1 Darksoul to grave, raise 500.

End turn search 1.

So your transforming 2 weak monsters you got for free (assuming through E Call or something) and your putting out a free 2500 attack beatstick.

Eventually you are going to search 2 from Dark Soul anyways. By using Revis Dragon, your gonna confirm search one in the end phase.

And by playing a beatstick in the form of Revise Dragon, you could force your opponent to commit at least one card to destroy it.

Then your when its gone, you search with Dark Soul.

Without Revise Dragon, eventually your still gonna search, yes thats true. But with Revise Dragon its a damn plus one in the form of a big monster, and i'd be happy if my opponent wastes a trap on it :D

Olay the post up there was just a thought.

Okay, so many people are wondering about Exceed summoning preferably about the extra deck limit and the usage of tokens.

However, i was like "wutttt" cos i read abt Exceed Summon on Team Arco's blog the moment i popped onto Only the Duel.

So, due to the Vjump banlists picture and scans, Team Arco has graciously translated it for us.

I hope this gives you guys the confirmation you need =)

So i literally copied and pasted it except i editted the grammar.

1) Summoned from the Extra Deck

2) Usage of TWO monsters (of similar levels ). Monsters used for the Exceed Summoned are put under the Exceed monster , this is called overlayed.

Michael's note: Urmmmm think Pokemon. When the pokemon evolve, you place the evolution monster on the basic monster right? Same thing.

3) For the effect of exceed monster ,ホープ(main character's ace monster), it states " the overlay unit is removed". The monster "removed" is NOT removed from play, but instead sent to the graveyard.

4) The Exceed monster's level stars start from left to right, and are considered as "ranks" thus these monsters are unable to be used for a synchro summon

Michael's note: Aha! Good one Konami.

5) Any monsters can be used for the Exceed summon, including tokens.


Thus. I hope this is all clear to you guys, however there has been no news about the extra deck's limit being increased to 20 or something like that.

Cheers, have a nice day

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Anonymous said...

Bad news - unfortunately if you send an overlaid card for an effect it's not the same as if it were sent from the field normally, so Darksoul doesn't get his effect