Monday, February 28, 2011

Light Beat

Light Beat is the number one deck taking at least 4 or 5 top 8 spaces in at least 4 different tourneys organized on Shriek. Probably because Skill Drain stops everything, and they still have 3 Gemini Sparks which are a pseudo- Icarus or Book of Moon which makes it the best quick spell card this format.

With Skill Drain around, the 2 MSTs we pack will be used to destroy it. Oh and Trap stun too =)

Im actually interested in the triple Scrap Iron Scarecrow concept because its an every turn Fullhelmknight and it lets you stall till you draw your combos.

The number one problem with anti meta decks are the inconsistency rates, so im still unkeen about the deck.

I guess Samurai is superceded for now until someone finds a better build.

Looks like anti meta is slowly becoming the meta in the OCG

Makes me wonder where all the Psychics are.

I also expected Infernity to have a more popular showing.

Also, Debris Dandy and all variants even Dopple Junk variants along with BF is totally gone.

Maybe its because siding in Effect Veiler will ruin them as they only rely on Mental Master.

the url above is a very good post.

For BF decks, with the release of 3 Chaos Sorceror, i was thinking maybe somebody out there would build some form of Light Dark Beat. I think Rauzes did it before, but im not sure if he would do it again.


LGQ said...

since its the deck that is hit the least (1 honest and a Warning means nothing when your opponent lost 2 Book) and for the fact that no new decks are introduce, its not hard to imagine.

Kinda sucks cause Fei Hung will be on winning streak ... again.

mike said...

Basically the deck lost 2 book too but its not much difference with 3 gem sparks :D

still consistent with 3 duality, unlesss there are some players who cant afford it.

i heard feihung has 3 duality already... FEAR. =(

Allan Assiduity said...

Just gotta innovate our way around it, I guess.

Also: seconding what you said about the Psylocke build *posted it on the Twitter, so*.