Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Machina Karakuri Plant

2nd deck on this link.

And also, from dueling days blog.

With the machine rage, its time to maindeck Cyber Dragons (talking crap here), provided you can even survive the whole turn! The karakuri combo is actually a damn strong one which can nett you alot of advantages and people have just started to find consistent decklists for the archetype.

This deck has both control and speed elements in it. I have never played against it, or seen it function, so i wont say anything about its consistency.

Reminds me somehow of Samurai in their one-turn-explosiveness (Baha+ DS' post) .

All the more reason why Limiter Removal is unhealthy for the game, because, initially this was the only card that kept machines competitive (not talking about Cyber Stein period). Now Machine archetypes are well-supported on their own.

Speakin of machines, Machina decks are also a very good deck to maindeck Wisel Infinity. And certain anti-meta beat decks. Wisel Infinity is good to be used because anti meta decks usually dont run many monsters so they dont have to worry about Wisels attack restriction effect.

The anti-spell effect that Wisel provides is VERY useful in all matchups because its one of those cards that ruins the tempo of the game and destroys matchups.

High attack too, so no longer 1900 as the standard base beatstick attack.

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