Thursday, February 17, 2011

Three Things That You Could Look Out For In The Upcoming Format

# 1 Cyber Dragon

Now while Cyber Dragon is an awesome card to run against Machinas, i was thinking of Cyber Dragon in Machina Karakuri just to gain early game momentum against other decks.

This might cause your opponents to waste stuff like Mirror Force and Bottomless Trap Hole to destroy it.

So, it baits stuff out while destroying at least one opponents monster.

If you used it to destroy a monster by battle, and wasted your opponents removal on it, thats a clean plus 2.

But the main reason i called for Cyber Dragon was because there is now 2 copies of Overload Fusion available making machines very dangerous as they now have their own version of Miracle Fusion to summon Chimeratech Over Dragon, one of the most powerful otk engines ever created.

With all the machine hype, and the unlimiting of Overload Fusion and Card Trooper, could Machine Beat Control become relevant again?

Back in the days, i remember being one of the best decks that ruled an entire format till an emergency ban was called for just to kill the Devil Franken (Cyber Stein)

Also now with:

3 Cyber Dragon
2 Card Trooper
2 Overload Fusion
3 Gold Sarcophagus

the Jinzo machine OTK MIGHT also be more viable

Furthermore Jinzo is incredible as there is only 1 copy of Book of Moon.

Truly this is a swarm-speedish format *cough cough Mind Master*

#2 The Advent of Trap Stun??

Last format, everyone was maining 2 or 3 stuns because of a replacement for Heavy Storm

But what kept Stun from being extremely viable was Book of Moon, and has now been limited to just one precious copy.

Is that why Konami left Heavy Storm banned?

Because Trap Stun would be similar anyways.

Truly, the limiting of Book of Moon has called to have the most effect on the current format.

Now more decks have the chance to top (like Sabers Infernity)

I predict Sabers and Infernity to have a strong showing in the next YCS.

That is because Sabers have Saber Hole and Infernity still have their expensive Barriers.

The limitation of Book could also be to promote Excel Summoning which can be stopped by a Book of Moon.


#3 Effect Veiler

Now with Warning and Book gone, monster effects are left to be the most important aspect of the game.

A good Coelacanth will ensure OTK

Letting the effect of Bureido/ Burei run even once will make you get OTK-ed by the karakuri.

So, Effect Veiler remains the BEST replacement for Book of Moon out there.

Since both are timely -1s which are used to even out strong effects your opponent have, and pluses made through monster effects and synchro summoning.

Lets dig out our foil Effect Veilers!

Being able to interrupt an opponents play seems very valuable too so i urge people to try out Wizels =)

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Anonymous said...

Awesome, I will just be lame and dig out my book of eclipse.