Saturday, February 5, 2011

Side against Gravekeeper

This format, no one plays starlight road.

Side Malevolent Catastrophe

Attack, and then destroy their back row.

Gravekeeper GG.

Because when all their backrow has been destroyed, you can earn some advantage back because mostly all they have on the field is one or two monsters.

Their whole hand will likely be commited to the field in the form of Book of Moons, Warnings, traps etc. Or it could be just a second copy of Necrovalley or Gravekeeper Stele in their hand.

What Malevolent Catastrophe does best is even out the loss of Royal Tribute.

So they end up having one or two monsters on the field and next turn you sycnhro and beat them down!! Yeah :D

Just like Royal Tribute, its like free meal man.

If they dont have many spells traps, and have a monster hand, you can expect to auto win. But if they have Royal Tribute, then you auto lose oh.

Cant believe i didn't think of this earlier.

Anyways i had a great CNY, got tipsy, bad headache, and won cash from gambling.

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Anonymous said...

I would agree, but I play GK's and a few other players I know do too.

I main deck 2 starlight roads and a few of them play 1 starlight too. The card is needed a lot.

Stops Hy from X-Sabers, Irac Attack from BW and Junk Destory from Hime-Debris. Kinda a bit staple for GKs