Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Just one day ago, i thought that extrme victory was a waste of money.

Today, i think otherwise.

Because it fucking rocks my socks. (okay that sounded gay)

I just scrolled down and 4 cards caught my eye.

Gladial Beast Tigel.
1800 effect: When this card is special summoned by the effect of a GB monster, discard one GB card to add another GB card from your deck to your hand. This card cannot be used as a fusion material monster.

Pure search card for GB. Awesome. Search Gladial Beast War Chariot! Discard cards as fodder for Darius to revive. Its abit sad that Tigel cannot be used for a fusion material. Also, it doesnt have the pleasure of tagging itself back into the deck.

I guess Konami is really trying its hardest to make the cards look balanced. Incredible.

Somebody (LGQ i think) expressed his thoughts that random Frogs will be inserted into sets. Well, woops they did it again!

Enter: Change Toad

Effect: You may release one Aqua type monster to special summon one Frog monster from your graveyard. This effect can be used only once per turn.

I think this is a good card. Can see me abusing it with Ronintoadin and random Swap Frogs in my grave =) Michael says Yes!

Also, suddenly, Red Dragon Archfiend gets a raise in popularity.

Pot of the Crimson Hell Dragon.
Effect: Activate this card when you have a face up Red Dragon Archfiend on your side of the field. Draw 2 cards. Until your opponent's next end phase, you cannot normal summon or special summon any monsters.

First off, this card has no restrictions to how many Pots can be activated per turn.

yes i will tell you now. I will synchro Red Dragon Archfiend just to activate this card. Lovely. Am now thinking of ways to abuse it.

Also, meet :

Crimson Hell Secure
Effect: Activate when you control Red Dragon Archfiend face up on your side of the field. Destroy all your opponents spells and traps.

Harpies Feather Duster? Awesome.

I <3 Red Dragon Archfiend now. Even though some may say these cards are situational and are hard to play, i dont care!

As of now, Red Demon Dragon > Stardust Dragon in my books.

There is also more shit for Six Samurai.

Shien Dojo.

Effect: Each time a Six Sam monster is normal or special summoned, put 1 Bushido counter on this card. Send this card to the graveyard and special summon 1 Six Samurai monster or Shien effect monster with level equal to or less than the number of Bushido counter on this card.

Ci Pai! As if they needed anymore support. Although this card is really balanced. Nothing like United or Gateway of the Six.

Honestly if i was Six Sam player, and i played a Shriek Six Sam OCG version, i wouldnt play this card.

But : The Six School's Dual Wielding.

Effect: Activate when you control a face up Six Sam monster. Return 2 cards on your opponents field to its owner's hand.

Instant Comnpulsory Evacuation Device, good support card. Somehow like Six Strike Thunder Blast, but i doubt this card will be used in this format or any format to this. Or at least not with triple Warning and triple Book still around.

Also, Instant Shinto.

Effect: SElect one monster you control and send it to the grave.

Quite interesting. Im sure there are ways to abuse this.

Also, A Sudden Turn

Effect: When your opponent activates a card effect that targets a card(s) in the graveyard, destroy this card. When this card is destroyed by its own effect, your opponent adds his whole grave to his deck.

And..... Assaulting the Weak Point!

Counter Trap. Effect: Negate the activation of the effect of a monster which activates in the hand or graveyard. Then remove it from play.

Anti Honest Anti Kalut Anti Veiler. Interesting card. Anti Wisel too. But mostly, anti Gorz =(

So, Extrme Victory actually boosts some pretty nice cards. I love it honestly! This is exactly what Yugioh should be like!


LGQ said...

nice set overall, but I just don't find any reason to get a box unless you wanna make TG.

mike said...

Get single cards. Then sell the rest of the TG cards. Im sure those supers will cover up quite of the large portion of the cash i used to buy 1 box

Mr. G said...

Assaulting the weak point -> anti dandy, stardust, kalut, honest, erm, pretty much most key cards in the meta now? LOL

BlackwingEX said...

too many playable cards... worthy box if you share it with a friend

and then of course there's generation force

LFN said...

WOW lol good cards, and lol @ the RDA support

mike said...

@ LFN- I love it man. Honestly the pot thing is awesome.

@ Mr G- i wouldnt say alot of key cards in the meta right now. IMO, i wouldnt be siding them just to get over Honest or Kalut or Gorz. I think they are a good investment though, because you can save it for next time.

@ BW EX- errr i think generation force will be a bit of a let down. the cover card effect sucks. but then again, almost every 5Ds cover card has sucked. except for stardust and black rose

Michael Bonacini said...

I like the RDA draw 2 card :)

Also, Assault the Weak Point pretty much confirms that Konami won't ban Gorz :/

frycook48 said...

Yes! Yes! New Frog! Finally! Frogs needed support! The GB is nice. Now LS just need some support!