Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Mastermind Behind the Six Samurai Phenomenom

Is not: Six Samurai Gateway.

Rather, its the damn Kizan!

Because seriously leave gateway at 3 and ban kizan altogther.

The most six sam can get of a field is 1 shien + 1 grand master. and 2 counters on gateway and maybe other stuff.

Because Kizan is the one which keep adding 2 counters at a time to gateway.

Well, im not thinking straight right now so I may not be sure what im blogging about.

Anyways stay tuned to Tuesday's post!

So for my banlist wishlist pls ban Kizan instead of limiting Gateway. =) Of course i know konami wont make this happen


Bahamut84 said...

Obviously you havent met Shinai and Mizuho with 2 gates.

Sean said...

Ya, what Baha said is true. I think i shown you that combo b4 when you came to KL. But I suppose Konami would limit Gateway and semi Kizan this time.

mike said...

@ baha and sean- quite forgotten. still, i dont like kizan :/

@ sean- also, hw u noe it will kenak semi?

mike said...

exposure has been forgotten. my more traumatic experiences lie with kizans.

its like history (sejarah). study it, and forget it a few days later.

kizan to me was like some fucking hard history paper. so bad till traumatic.

i think i've nt been exposed to that enough

Anonymous said...

Haha, no worries. You will figure it out again soon. It's not rocket science afterall =).

Kizan getting semi-ed is just my prediction. I just hope that they won't get limited too soon.

Sean said...

Lol. Sorry, it was me above >.<

mike said...

If kizan and gateway gets limited, i will play six smaurai! =) why? because the deck is no longer broken and it will be a challenge to make the deck tier 1 in the control area.

challenge accepted!