Saturday, February 19, 2011


This is my friend's psychic deck that has summoned 10 synchro monsters on the first turn TWICE.

Kudos to Yik Lai Wen of Miri who has built this deck.

No written decklist as i have no idea of the name half the cards in there

Cant guarantee its effectiveness as i have never played against it.. Im sure Baha can come up with a better version or something.

LFN if ur readin this, pls FB inbox me. as i have forgotten your real name sorry!


Michael Bonacini said...


is there any way your friend can turn this into a youtube video?

mike said...

heck no, i doubt he has a camcorder.

the guy said combo started with the libarian. that card starts everything !

ZXtheD999 said...

Already know this deck can do this, but I'm glad you got it out there. I'm gonna have fun in May *fist pumps*

Jack said...

From what I can see in the pictures, this is the decklist:

1xGenetic Woman
2xReinforced Human Psychic Borg
3xTaciturn Psychic Priest
3xPsychic Witch of Stillness
1xPsy Girl
1xPsychic Jumper
1xDoctor Cranium
1xMind Master
1xOverdrive Teleporter
1xPsychic Commander
1xMessanger of Peace
3xInstant Fusion
2xSynchro Fusion
1xDark Hole
3xTelekinetic Power Well
1xEmergency Teleport
1xMonster Reborn
2xBrain Research Lab
1xTelekinetic Charging Cell
1xOne for One
1xPsychic Feel Zone
1xMirror Force
1xTorrential Tribute
1xSolemn Judgment

Not so sure about some of the Extra Deck tho, obvious ones are:
1xStardust Dragon
1xArcanite Magician
1xScrap Dragon
1xPsychic Lifetrancer
1xMusician King
1xArmory Arm
Maybe you could ask for a pic of the extra deck specifically?

mike said...

should be pretty much standard. has 2 librarian too i think