Monday, August 2, 2010

Spirit Water Art Aoi

Apparently hand control cards is wicked this format, with Mind Crush being sided everywhere and mained in some builds, and Trap Dustshoot is a staple that is (debatably) more important than Mirror Force.

So, for Hero decks, I suddenly got the idea to tech Aoi inside.

Think about it:

* E Hero Ocean
* E Hero Absolute Zero (nuke field then rob one hand card is brutal)

Also, some decks can spam and maindeck Snowman Eater. So, nuke monster and destroy one hand card is good too.

Somehow, I think that Aoi can be teched in here because you will randomly see Trishhula or Brionac or Gungnir too in Debris hero variants. King of the Swamp is water too.

Great, just great.

I think one to two teched copies is enough. Lol.

In Hero debris, Spirit Wind Art Miabi might be viable. Returning one card on field to opponent's bottom of deck. Cool.

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