Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mind Crush again

lalala so earlier today i talked about mind crush + dustshoot as a must run card in every deck.

Here's why:
First let's name every viable deck in the OCG meta. (kinda includes TCG too)

BF, Lightlord, Infernity, GB, Hero, Perfect Declarer, Froggy Monarch and Dragonity, Cat, Quikdraw Dandy.

Let's analyze those decks.

BF- Let's kill Black whirlwind searches or when you know he got Kalut when he try to ram you with a low attack monster.

Lightlord- Okay totally forgot about how LL works but everytime they beckoning light/ monster reincanation/ gold sarco JD you just destroy it.

Infernity- Let's destroy Gun. So fun la, seriously.
Gb- nothing much. Except when they equeste it, you throw it away, but then they can just do it again the next time....

Hero- Destroy Airman Fusion gate (through Terraformin or Polymerization (from King of Swamp) or Honest when they wanna ram you dead with a weaker Neos Alias. That will make them lose 2 cards instead of one.

Perfect declarer- Declare Declarer when they just search it with Manju or Sonic Bird.

Froggy Monarch- Not much...They will be destroying you most of the time. Side it.

Cat- This is seriously fun. They got Sanagan, Pot and etc and you just declare Cat or Priest. Fun fun.

Dragonity- When they search Ducks or the other guy through Dragon Canyon just pitch ti away.

X Sabers- Dark Soul, Faulttroll rape.
Quickdraw Dandy- arguably the funnest. Gold Sarco, Sangan, Tuning, 3x Pot. Wow oh wow.

Furthermore there are other situations like Sanagan, Pot of Duality and Gold Sarco (less common now) that are still run by almost all players.

Its a very very viable card this meta. And I think its more than maindeck worthy.
Do not forget it you declare a card that isn't limited, you can check their hand (provided field and grave don't have the other 2 or 1 copy of that card) to prevent them from cheatin and only discarding one copy. Awesome stuff there seriously.

This whole format is about consistency. And everyone is running stuff to search cards to their hands to improve consistency. Mind Crush literally destroys that consistency.

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