Friday, August 13, 2010

Imperial Order

Today's post concerns Imperial Order.

It's the last "banlist" post to be made before the next format, which is coming out next week.

Somehow, I would really like to see Imperial Order be played and ran.


It can negate spells for one turn, which is extremely strong and it becomes an instant staple the moment its played.

It is very strong during either early, mid, and late game. Negating Heavy Storm, Cyclone, Brain Washing and everything. Several decks require set up through their spell cards (Gold Sarcophagus, Dragon Canyon etc)

It totally crushes Perfect Herald and upsets the momentum of the game.
BF can no longer be THAT fast.

700 life points per turn is nothing and is very worth it. It can be a Trap Stun for magic cards, letting you control the whole game , provided you want to pay the life points.

It will be extremely interesting to see how the meta becomes if Imperial Order is returned.

Although deemed broken, there are many cards that can negate , and destroy it or get rid of it easily, seriously. But it will be -1 for your opponent, at the least, if you chain it to one of his activated spells, which is EXACTLY what everybody will do. If you think that's broken, you totally forgot Rescue Cat, Dark Arm Dragon, Judgment Dragon....

Unlike cards like Brain Control or Monster Reborn which are luck-sackish, Imperial Order is all about skill. You must play it at the right timing to gain the most advantage. You won't want to set it up then keep it on the field forever as it will eat your lifepoints very quickly. Somemore, there is such thing as Synchro Summon to turn back the game and push you into a corner...

If Konami wants us to have a few "luck" cards like Heavy Storm, why not just unban Imperial Order? And they can just get rid of Brain Washing, go go, i don't mind =D

From a neutral point of view, alot of people are suggesting the ban of Rescue Cat. For X sabers, I disagree as it is totally Faultroll that is the problematic one. I'm really not sure if Konami wants to kill a whole deck from it, but then there is the release of Dark Desert Tapir to support it, so I don't know...

Rescue Cat is broken in the sense that it has no summoning restrictions/ requirements/ conditions compared to cards like Judgment Dragon. I think Cat decks are kinda well balanced and there are alot of cards more luck sack than a Cat. Drawing it late game is just like drawing a Brain Control and I, don't think it should be banned. And I'm not a Cat player myself.

I really want Imperial Order to be returned, do you? So fun, and the price will shoot damn high overnight as it's out of print, and that nobody has it anymore, or only the old old players will have it.

Or maybe its just that I want to use my Secret Rare PSV one!

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