Friday, August 13, 2010

Random Leaked Ban List plus compare compare compare

Rescue Cat

XX saber Faultroll
Magician of faith
Infernity Gun
Black whirlwind
Royal Opression
Bottomless trap hole

Semi restricted:
Infernity Archfiend
Spirit Reaper
Snipe hunter
BF shura the blue flame
Machina Gearframe
Goyo guardian
Destiny Draw
Swords of revealing light
Magic cylinder

Cyber dragon
United we stand

So, I was browsing Accel Scrubbing blog randomly on Dueling Days blog roll, and came across this banlist.

One thing I can say- AWESOME.

I think this is a very balanced banlist, its quite likely to be done, its decent and its kinda reasonable.

The only complaint that everybody will have is why is rescue cat banned?

Personally, I don't really care!

I wish this is the real banlist and it comes true. Magician of faith is restricted back to 1! Oh joy.

Also, If Brain Control is banned, everyone will just be maining Mind Control. But don't know if it will be banned or not.

Dandy, BF, Frogs, Infernity, X sabers get the power curbing that they deserve.

If Bottomless Trap Hole is really limited, peopl will now turn to the evil card of Dimension Prison! Collect your copies!

Now is Liberty as good as Mirror Force? Returning 2 face up monsters opponent has to deck is awesome, but only if your monster was destroyed. Mirror Force will protect you if you have a bare field, but Liberty is not able to be negated by Stardust Dragon and Starlight Road!

But Liberty is a compulsory return 2 monsters. If the field only has one face up monster, when resolving Liberty,then you cannot activate it (I assume) or you may have to return your own monster! sadness.

But I know that I will get one copy, no matter what, wheeee.

Now, let's compare Wisel to Granel! Wisel is awesome as it is dark, and has a fixed attack as well as having the ability to negate spells! (Once per turn)

Now the spell negating thing is the best because let's say your opponent has to waste one card to play a spell, and it can be almost Imperial Order because sometimes opponent only have one spell card?

But Granel lets you steal synchro monsters! and special summon them to your field. Imbal!

But with Granel is Sanganable! But its attack is inconsistent. Could be strong or sometimes weak, also don't know when. If drawn in late game, its almost useless.

However, Wisel is amazing in the late game, mid game and early game.

Wisel's attack curbing effect is annoying, but then that means it could mean you controlling the game....

Wisel just seems more splashable...

Granel is useless if your opponent isn't playing a Syncrho variant deck (eg: Light Beat)

So, which one do you guys think is the best??

Personally, I don't know, and all I can say is... .... let's wait for Skiel! :D Hopefully its better than both!! Also if you look at the unclear blurrish image of Skiel on Shriek, you can tell it has a definite attack! (eg: 2000+ or something, and not 0 like Granel) (I predict about 2800 or 3000 like that)

Imo, each Machine Emperor card has its own ups and downs and are all equally good (well the 2 that has been released so far la) and we should splash one random copy in our decks for fun =D]

Also, for those of you who love Mind Crush too much, just splash D.D Designator!!!

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