Saturday, August 28, 2010

Let's convert to Hero Gate! :D

Why?? Simply for the reason and advantage it brings.

Let's highlight ADVANTAGE
Shining abuse is too strong. Zero too.

Wheeee also it can abuse this card:
Betcha never realized that did you! People see whatttt tribute level 8 which i do spend so much time to bring out to draw 2??? waddafuck???? Ditch it.

But this card was made purposely solely for the abuse of Hero gate decks.

We all know how awesome "draw 2 cards" cards are , right? I mean the only thing left usable is Allure but its left at one. And Recharge is only for Heroes so no other top deck has draw 2 cards anymore.

Now we see why its so awesome for Hero since they bring out level 8 monsters so effortlessly. I mean first turn Terraforming plus Airman into Shining then play this , draw 2, and summon Shining again? Broken.

Also, tribute zero to draw 2 and play zero's raigeki effect, then summon a fusion and whack? Awesome.

Drawing 2 cards means more options somemore.

And while it seems like a disadvantageous move, cos you waste your Zeros and Shinings, its quite the contrary actually.

Cos its just setting you up for a Miracle Fusion play. One extra Hero means one card faster for the Miracle Fusions that we spam.

Oh yeah, for all those removed from play fusion monsters? We still have Parallel World Fusion don't forget...

Stratos + 2 Mst + 1 Trap Stun/ bla bla bla
for spell/ trap removal/ negation/ protection.

Cool right??? First turn Shining into Advanced Draw is just too cool


Anonymous said...

About the use of Advance Draw with The Shining: Wouldn't The Shining miss timing as the tribute for Advance Draw is a cost and thus the last thing to happen is not The Shining going to the grave but the drawing of the two cards?

Duelist#LGQ said...

not really, used did alot when I first play hero gate. but its not my style so I don't use it d...

Anonymous said...

The Shining will miss his timing since the last thing to happen is the controlling player drew 2 cards, not The Shining being sent to the grave.
Anyway Advance Draw is a waste of space in Hero Gate deck, better change them with other good stuffs. You TCG players are too concerned about these "engines" and "draw powers" which is not basically the theme of Heroes.