Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just came back from school..and what do i see?? HOLY SHIT!!

So banllist is out, and its NOTHING like what we predicted...

Okay...maybe partly it is :) But what a shocker!

I will not mention the stuff that everybody needs to know...

Firstly, and more mildly, Cyber Dragon at three is awesome... Combat machines, help Machines. Machine Emperor? Machina? Cyber Dragon? System Down and Chimeratech Fortress Dragon is sure to be popular...

Titans likee Heavy Storm and Brain Control is gone...

I guess its due to lucky topdecking and gayness and all out ranting...

Heavy Storm banned? No more crazy OTK, but we still have Cold Wave, Trunade, and Konami gave us an extra Cyclone back. Somemore, with the release of Starlight Road in Yuusei pack, I guess its expected? Finally Starlight in the tourney! BF will not get so lucky with Icarus anymore...

2 MST signals that everyone will use the other to replace Storm... or they may use Cold Wave. Decks with more monster effect- based will switch is with Cold Wave. MST at 2 usually means less setting of random cards because suddenly before you know it, they get hit by MSTs.

I think this format is awesome, and possibly better than last time...Evertything (yes even Infnernity) , save frogs of course, can still be played, although some are toned down....Like BF Infern etc...

Decks like Quickdraw are gay hell cos of 3 Black Rose back. Everyone, chiong your tunings!

I think this format iss gonna have even more variety than last format.

Konami is great at making banlists now.,..

Its alll gonna be about skill, and more pro-ness. (wait! i haven't gotten to the cream of the crop yet! hahah)

So! Apparently Monster Reborn and Dark Hole is back!

WTF now Quickdraw has an 5 field resetters ( 3 Black Rose, 1 Dark Hole, 1 Torrential)

While many ppl are specualating Quickdraw Dandy as the new meta, they have forgotten about Heroes who also have 5 Dark Holes! (3 Raigeki - absolute zero lah!, 1 torrential, dark hole)

To replace Brain Wash, Konami has given us lovely Monster Reborn and Dark Hole. We are all very happy that we can use our ultra rare Monster Reborns again!!!! This card is even better than Cry of Living Dead and , last format Cry was limited but no one used it as its not that useful...Monster Reborn is much better as lets steal opponent's graveyard! Steal their lovely Stardust! Wahahahah!

Dark Hole is more luck-sack...but extremely fun. I pity newer players who don't have their dark holes...Awwww. Luckily i found one TCG version one lying around. Whoo!

So, this format, overall will be more to skill, and more luck too. Because of Dark Hole and Monster Reborn.

Rescue Cat banned? Sadd! but seriously yeahh we saw it coming...

Pot not limited?? Phew! But this may mean more people will spam Pot to get to their Monster Reborns and Dark Holes. Since this format will be slightly slower, let's welcome Pot to our decks.

So, the questions now are:

1) What is the new meta decks?
a) definitely BF- they will just adapt...
b) GB hell yeahh
c) Lightlord can survive...i think...
d) Many people overlook this but yes Heroes are tier 1!
e) Quickdraw Dandy!
f) Some plant pineapple variant. Cos they can just take out Rescue Cat.
h) Monarchs...some variant maybe...definitely 3 caius will be splashed in Quick Dandy.
i) Dragunity
j) Perfect Herald.
k) Chaos Stun!

Tier 1.5:

1) Infernity
2) MGS maybe?
3) dono...maybe Monarch variant?

Next question! Is the 2nd MST viable to replace Storm?
Yes! But you can try Trap Stun or even Cold Wave for monster effect-based decks? Its definitely player choice and based on your deck..

It will definitely be more to control, and less to speed (I think).

BF is becoming more and more antimeta toolboxy! But BF has Delta Crow! Watch out!

It may have more monster-based effects now though, i maybe wrong!

So guys, welcome to the new format.

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