Thursday, August 26, 2010

Card of the format

1 x Starlight Road is a staple because of the advantage it offers plus it negates Black Rose, Icarus, and Torrential Tribute + Dark Hole.

Started playing and experimenting with new format already. 3x Black Rose is annoying. Its almost like the new Trishula.

Next up is Pot of Duality. No deck , nor fast nor slow is complete without 2 to 3 Pot of Dualities. Faster decks should run at least 2 , if not 3. If you cant afford 3 pieces (standard about rm200 for 3 piece in Msia) then you must still find 2, by hook or by crook. Get it now before price shoot again.
Incredible this format. The synergy is priceless. Pot will confirm to be limited or semi-ed next format.

Since Pot of Duality is a maindeck worthy staple, we now look at Trap Dust Shoot and Mind Crush.

They are also staples this format along with Sprit Water Art- Aoi in any water decks. E-Hero decks can adapt Aoi to tribute their Snowman Eater/Ocean/Ab Zero in order to use them to your advantage.

Every deck should be maindecking them as a staple.

Looking at new format team tourney from Shriek, we can conclude the statements I made above. Also notice, the top team ran at least, on an average count, 2 Solemn Warning per deck. Now what did I tell you about monster control ? ;D

So this format will actually be much like last format except more fun!

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Duelist#LGQ said...

you can always hope that You-say use it in one of his duel (pot) and it so conveniently becomes a rare in yusei 3!!

but i really don't find pot useful in some of my decks. heck, i can't even find space.