Sunday, August 15, 2010

Another Speculated banlist

Banned ? (unconfirmed)

Rescue Cat
Cold Wave

Limited 8 (working on sources/translations)

Caius the Shadow Monarch
Magician of Faith
Treeborn Frog
Infernity Launcher
Black Whirlwind
Dark Hole
Pot of Duality
Bottomless Trap Hole

Semi-limited 8 (working on sources/translations)

Foolish Burial
Pot of Avarice
Icarus Attack
Infernity Archfiend
Burial from a Different Dimension
Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
Gladiator Beast War Chariot
Dark Grepher

Unlimited 3 (confirmed?)

Ultimate Offering
United We Stand
Skill Drain

And yes this is the list from my friend Sunny of Yuginewz.

He got the real banlist once already, so this could be true.

But a few questions I need to ask myself-

1) Where's Dandylion?

2) WTFUCK is Pot of Duality doing there!!!!!!!!!

3) Trishula really? I mean Gun and Demon is already touched in that list above

4) Dark Hole???????? Are you serious?????? What is that doing coming back!!!! More lucksack card? NOOOO *(Secretly Im very happy about this as its very very interesting)

5) What's Dark Grepher doing there??

6) And YES ICARUS ATTACK!!!! my dream come true!!!!

7) Cold Wave??? Ban-worthy??? Sure???

8) Subsitoad banned? Cool I guess but then that will kill the frog deck right. But im happy if this happens. Cos no more Frog FTK....

Meanwhile instead here's a new OTK!!!!

First, this involves a random story of me trying to find Magician of Faiths in my old card pile. So, after i find find find, i caught a glimpse of Chain destruction. Interested, and potential card for new format, I go kepo kepo find effect, and when i type "Chain" on my phone Google. I accidentally clicked Chain Material instead of Chain Destruction.

So...I saw the effect.


So, here's the OTK.

Cards Required: Mass Driver, 3x Elemental hero The Shining, 2x Elemental hero cards, Fusion Gate, Chain Materia; and any sort of burn card. (Sacrifice , deal damage bla bla Mass Driver , Cannon Soldier etc)

So, looks like alot of card right? Yeahh right, blehh. Take a look at this:

1) Activate Chain Material and play your Fusion Gate with mass Driver.

2) Chain Material lets you fusion 2 monsters from deck. From Fusion Gate's effect, the materials must be removed from play. So, choose E Hero the Shining.

3) Tribute. Deal 400 damage. Return the 2 materials back. Fuse another copy of Shining.

4) tribute. Deal 400 damage. Return the 2 materials back. Next, graveyard fusion the 2 Shinings in the grave to play your third.

5) Sacrifice him and deal 400 damage. Now, select the 2 removed from played Shinings and return to fusion deck.

6) You have 2 fusion material in hand, 2 Shining in fusion deck and 1 Shining in graveyard.

7) Rinse and Repeat. You win the game.

Moral of the story: Find your Magician of Faiths and maybe find some old cards in your junk pile that is awesome and can help you!!!
Ps: Scrap that combo above, i just remembered about Shining's miss timing. Fuck timing!! Kudos to Andrew for pointing it out.

Thats all for today, I'm gonna go read World Championships now!
Ps: There's nothing to read, just results, no decklists, no pictures diaoooo


D-Slayer said...

Well I am about 15 min away from having to be at work so this will be quick. I'll post a better analysis later.

I agree with the banned cards, except I really wanted to see Brain Control banned as well.

I don't like 90% of the limted cards. Cauis to 1 kills monarchs dead, Magician of Faith coming back would suck since Brain, Heavy, Mind, MST, and appearently Dark Hole could be reused over and over.

And with 3 Book of Moon still? I really hope this doesn't happen. Treeborn, Launcher, Whirlwind, and Duality at 1 is good, but I want my 2 BTH and I don't want Dark Hole to come back. Banned Cards should just stay banned. That is why they are there in the first place.

I love the semi-limited list on the other hand. Everything there makes sence. Foolish at 2 again is nice. BftDD at 2 puts Zombies back on the map (kinda). War Chariot at 2 really does nothing to hurt Gladiators Beast, but whatever.

I also agree with the unlimted stuff. None of it is good enough to limit anyway. Finally Skill Drain can be a deck style again.

The over all for me is I don't like this list since the limited screws up the game (Cauis, Magician, Dark Hole, Bottomless) and nothing hurts Sabers, which need to be curbed badly. I am sure parts of this list are true, but not everything is 100% accurate.

I just pray Konami doesn't actually limit Cauis cuz I don't want to see Monarchs die in the process, despite how overpowered Cauis is.



Anonymous said...

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