Thursday, August 19, 2010

New format...errrr discussion and thoughts.

So, we are one day into knowing the new format, and everyone is chaotic about it!

Let;s summarize it: Its one of the best formats ever, because anything can happen, i mean seriously, you can take it into a control direction, or you could take it fast, and you could still be taken off surprise by a different deck! Every deck has its weaknesses and for now, there is no dominating S rank deck.

It solely depends on how the players wanna take it, your mentality and your opinions. For example you could play an awesome control deck and face a full speed swarm monster deck which packs 3 Decrees but you could still have an out to it.

So, as I predict, this format is gonna be about spells and traps. And to support this statement, I rehighlight the ban of Heavy Storm. You are gonna run into alot of Bottomless and Dimension Prisons everywhere and more new stuff.

Safe to say, your monsters will never be safe, ironically. You will find them taken out one or two turns after you play them. Unless you got something like a Perfect Herald god hand and a Scar Red Nova summon, but then what are the odds of you being able to play it?

JInzo might be a good card this slower format.

Also, Trap Dustshoot and Mind Crush has never been more important before, and once again rehighlights what I think is the best format ever. Trap Dustshoot offers early control and an early game win (techinically) and Mind Crush does the same thing. Mind Crush discards important combo pieces of your opponent, or discards their Monster Reborn or Dark Hole. It can also discard cards that were added via Pot of Duality. Which is bound to be a staple this format. Trust me. Seeing 3 cards instead of 1 is BROKEN now.

While some are saying that Starlight Road will see less play with the bane of Heavy Storm, I'm gonna have to disagree with that. In fact, Starlight Road is gonna be the card of the format. With GB coming back, Gyzarus is gonna be rampant. Torrential Tribute and Dark Hole is your worst enemy. Possible of Spore Chaos Lightlord coming back, so Judgment Dragon is once again viable because of its ability to destroy so many cards at once. Starlight Road should still be maindecked at one, imo. Even a timely Mirror Force can ruin you.

Lets not forget that BF is now largely relying on Icarus Attack to stay as a top contender. Icarus lets you chain it to another card effect that threatens your BF, and thus acts as a -1 for your opponent. While your opponent loses his combo pieces, you still retain yours! Don't forget that. Icarus seems balanced, but its just a disguise.

And while we are on the topic of card advantage, lets talk about it. Card advantage once upon a time again becomes more important than ever. You are gonna face alot of nuisance one for ones made by your opponent. So yeah. a card that garners you advantage is welcome. That is why they totally banned Rescue Cat.

And while advantage is important, synergy also becomes more important. With annoying one for ones, you are gonna find alot of dead cards in hand as the combo pieces are gone. Decks that have higher synergy rate will find it easier to deal with this combo. Snowman eater is a good example as it is pure advantage, and you still have a wall on the field to synchro/fuse/ tribute with. Also, Black Rose Dragon, because it resets everything....TO YOUR ADVANTAGE! ....

Now, the card that is gonna win games is definitely Monster Reborn now that Brain is gone. Monster Reborn is better as you have several more options that brain. You can steal an opposing Stardust or gain advantage with Goyo Guardian. Or revive a Black Rose to destroy, or revive Brionac to self-touch. Its far more versatile, and its incredible that we get such a god card back to us

The Dark Horse of this format goes to Hero Beat and Dragunity. It is gonna be extra hard to versus it via Heavy Storm ban, and its many pesky one for ones, which can be used to garner advantage at the same time (through Hero Blast, Spark, Book of Moon etc). You will definitely find Hero Beat removing cards from the field at a higher rate than any deck in the format. Same goes for Dux/ Legion/ Aclys abuse in Dragunity. Don't forget Bottomless Trap Holes, Dimension Prisons! Its gonna be a headache.

And if you thought it wasn't bad enough, Dragunity has ways to synchro summon while hero beat can fusion summon via Fusion Gate or Miracle Fusion. The beauty of mixing Hero Beat with Snowman Eater is Miracle into Zero. It is another Raigeki, or it could mean that you can gain advantage via E Hero Shining.

Another good thing about this format is how certain "trend" cards become equally viable. Lets face it, Soliel mentioned My Body as A Shield, and I will be mentioning cards like Divine Warning. Cards that were usually trend cards, as they were only good in certain formats, can all come together to participate in an equal and fair format. Maining MBASS and Divine Warning is so not a must, but maining it can give you certain advantages against certain decks.

Now to mention BTH, Solemn Warning, and the like. Seriously, with Oppression almost gone now, we are gonna have to make use of certain stuff like Solemn Warning and Bottomless Trap Hole to counter pesky special summons. Solemn Warning may be much more costly, but is more versatile. It could be good tech..

And now, Solemn judgment! Arguably the card that can negate everything this format. It has become equally important, but playing it right will earn you a win. Play it wrong, and you are doomed. You just chipped off half your life points. Some duelists may even be scared to main it. Not true. Its good, main it. Solemn Judgment's effect is so strong.

Cards that increase synergy like Sangan and Duality is even better. Expect the price of Duality to skyrocket.

And now , cold wave! Locking several plays at once is incredible. It will replace Heavy Storm in many decks. If played well, it can be even better than Heavy Storm. It could mean 2 turns without spells/traps instead. Definitely gonna be a game-winning card too. Titan.

Somewhere behind Cold Wave,...... Royal Decree and Trap Stun are gonna be important this format. Trap Stun is gonna be stop those Bottomless, Mirror Force, Torrential, and basically anything that can turn the game. Main deck material definitely.

A very important factor is also the element of surprise. Because the format is still new, the different tech cards you pack in your deck are gonna help you win games and throw your opponent off guard. Cards like this are Solemn Warnin, My Body and Trap Stun definitely.

Thats all that I can think of right now. Hope that helped you guys :)

Now for some extra comments:
Also, Skiel Infinity sucks. Granel and Wisel FTW. Zephyros the Elite is quite a disappointment too.


Exiro said...

I don't see how Icarus is unbalanced. It's a 2 for 2. You retain cards other than Icarus and the monster you sacrifice, but you opponent retains the cards that you didn't target. It's still a +0.

Why would you MR Stardust? Your opponent gets it back after you use the effect, which results in a -1 for you. If you wouldn't want to use its effect, why would you want to steal it in the first place?

Dragunities and Gate Heroes will have a harder time with MST at two.

The only reason I could see to be afraid to main Solemn Judgment was because of Heavy ruining you (which wasn't even a valid reason because you don't have to overextend even if you draw Solemn). Heavy is gone, so yeah, there is even less reason not to main it.

I agree that Skiel isn't worth it, but I'm happy with Zephyros. Grow up Bulb for Blackwings. Makes it easier to summon Trishula.

LightGrunty said...

Yeah, this is going to be a fun format. It could even be more diverse than the pre-TSHD format in the TCG.

It's probably a good idea to run self-replenishing Monsters like Gadgets or Genex. People don't like to waste Dimensional Prisons on them.

And, with the ability to run practically any deck, Side Deck space is going to be a big issue.

Anonymous said...

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mike said...

EXIRO- it only looks like a two for two. But think about it, runnin Icarus:
a) disrupts opponents plays/combos and leave their cards unable to work with one another while he still have all his combos.

b) Sets up Vayuu plays
c) Sets up Blizzard plays
d) Is usually a plus one from Shura effect or maybe Black Whirlwind (but less common this format)

You can MR ther Stardust when you want to make a big play/ push for OTK or when you don't want your opponent to special summon it back or something XD Big beatstick too.

Dragunities and Heroes will still be cool with all the Gemini Spark/ aclys advantage fun.

I called it underdog because people usually predict Quickdraw and BF to rule although Drag + Heroes will also have an equal chance.

There are certain players who don't main Solmemn who are scared they play it wrong. True Story. Met some. Certain prefer other cards because its more safe without the lp cost etc. Once again, its human mentality.

Zephyros is still abit meh. But once again, sac Zephyros for Icarus. Revive him next turn. Ends up in a plus one.

Though Icarus isn't as unbalanced as we think, but playin it in BF deck which benefits from Icarus plays is seriously broken. Take 2 Icarus out of BF, see if they can still top.


Light grunty- hello! first time seein you here! Errrr yeap definitely more diverse, and fun! and skill oriented! With the exception of MR and Dark Hole but of course, since the format require so much skill, even playin MR and Dark Hole turns into a skill play, we could waste it at the wrong time etc..

Gadgets? Yeah but then Cyber Dragon at 3. Light Beat will spam 3. Genex can be a viable build, if played in an anti-meta direction without leaving speed/syncrho and all those aspects XD

Do experiment with it and post on ur blog :) lookin forward to readin up on them.

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mike said...

errr @ the spammers- stop it lah MAICHI !!!!

@ angel- errr card game XD who're u?

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