Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another way to beat Dimension Eatos

You all heard of thousands of ways to beat Eatos, using cards such as Twister, Dust Tornado, etc but in my opinion the EASIEST and MOST effective way is to take out its monster resource.

Note that the deck runs only about 12--> 13 monsters and at the most 14. I've been playing 12 as it's the optimum number for as long as possible and it's just right too.

Now what do i mean by taking out the monster resources? Simple actually. You should side more cards such as Fissure (you can use 3 may i remind everyone), smashing ground, and even Shrink and Enemy Controller and Traphole.

You need not fear Gemini Spark much as they only have 3 meaning it can only happen thrice. There is almost no way he can ever pull off 3 in a duel. So the probability of it happening is only once or at the most, twice.

Besides, most of the time, your target will be the big cards such as BeastKing Barbaros or the Guardian Eatos.

At KL, i played against Michael's (this is another 33 yr old Michael.) and he ran a type of GB that mained plenty of Shrinks and E-cons to compliment his GB strategy.
Needless to say I died 6:5 and now I really have a phobia to fight his deck!

May I remind everyone that D.D Eatos runs only 12 monsters and in a 40/41 card deck the percentage of getting one is only a little higher than 25%. If you take down at least 2/3 monsters, unless he has incredible luck or you have bad luck, or his shuffling brings god luck (ahem ahemm) you can say that you need not fear Eatos any longer. Even if he has Skill Drain or Cosmos set up, without a monster on the field renders his life points vulnerable to your attacks.

That way before he draws out his next monster, you have dealt a severe chunk of damage already. If you sided in MANY of monster removal, by the time he drew a monster, you have drawn a monster removal too! Hurtful, isn't it?

By the way, Gold Series confirmed reprinting Magician Valkyria (you dont know how happy i am to see this), Book of moon, solemn judgment, judgment dragon (im gonna burn the frigging commons!!!), Call of the Haunted, and (from an inside source) : Gorz and Caius.

Now go sell all your Caius now.

In the next Vjump, sin stardust is coming out! Oh my god. I hope he's a synchro.


A Perplexed Duelist said...

I hope that Gorz thing is true. I'm praying for Lightsworn reprints as well... Lyla and Celestia costs both arm and leg nowadays...

mike said...

Gorz is definitely true. Can assure that =)

Dont worry too much abt LS tho. next format they're dead. Charge and JD are hiting the list!