Monday, December 21, 2009

Random Post

Nowadays, really nothing much to post. D.D Eatos is too strong. Not looking forward to that new YGO movie. All the Sin monsters are mostly dragons! Where's dark magician!

Maybe tomorrow going to post why we should not set too many cards.

There's a probability the blog will go dead over the Xmas season. Tomorrow I want to go play with a friend who has not played for over a year. Helping him make deck.

Next day probably need to find Zhi Li a birthday/christmas present and my PMR result is that day.

Wont update on Christmas. You know why la.

Alot of farewell nonsense nowadays people are leaving for Singapore for scholarships of all kinds. I wish I had the chance to get the form! Those mothers only get forms for their kid =.= Or else I go to Singapore loh!!! and play YGO with Baha them all frequently.

Oh there may be a chance i am going to KL again sometime early next year. My school Prefect Board is organising a annual trip there. On contrary to that, there is a VERY BIG chance that I'm not going. With my disorderly conduct and messy appearance, there is ALMOST NO WAY I'm gonna be chosen to be a prefect. I heard its really fun because there's a lot of freedom. Guess who's gonna spend his time at card shops.

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