Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dual Lancer

See that "Hell Twin Cop" synchro too given in that Game console with the security hell and the samurai. Level 5, 2200 attack and once it successfully destroys a monster, it gains 800 attack, and attacks once again in a row. Walao! so cool! Become 3000 then 3800, and 4600...Not bad le.

BTW, as i was rummaging through my friend's pile of junk cards...guess what I found....: you guys will be thrilled. So am I. Its fucking awesome.

Crusader, you rare and expensive shit, BYE BYE!!!! This baby has 1800 attack, WATER attribute, and its like the best thing to call out Absolute Zero. Die liaw all the decks....Absolute zero come...die liaw...

EDIT: DD Eatos is officially a self touching deck, come March 2010. HAHA. Absolute Zero and Dual Lancer will shoot up in price.


xeno said...

Will you be considering Phantom Dragonray Bronto?
It doesn't have 1800 attack like Dual Lancer do, but it is 1500 attack which create a greater advantage as it is easier to search out and be reuse using salvage.
And the best part of Phantom Dragonray Bronto is its being a FISH TYPE, Fish Depth Charge give you an extra Gemini Spark(beside being a trap).

mike said...

No. Won't. Dual Lancer is way better. No need to mix more trap cards like the one you mentioned. the deck is quite tight on space already.

Its a better beatstick and dimension eatos doesnt use salvage as its a remove from play deck.

the only searching cards are reinforcements and ehero airman. some builds run e-emergency call tho.