Friday, December 18, 2009

Card review: Parallel World Fusion

First of all, let me say that the Malaysian Education department is an a**hole. Why? They are gonna announce the PMR results on a Thursday on the 24th of December. What the hell were they thinking??? Christmas Eve?? Christmas is like my favourite occasion ever ok and i know im not gonna be affected but some of my friends would and that would be just shitty for them.

Then on Christmas itself, my friend got her birthday party and if people didnt get straight As they are not gonna enjoy themselves. I do have confidence to get straight As but then when you know its like few days away suddenly, i feel scared and weary ofthe possibility of writing out of point for BM or maybe i blackened every answer sheet score wrongly. Zomg. What if that happened????!! Panic!

Okay today's topic is Parallel World Fusion.

Being the total opposite of Miracle Fusion, these 2 are peas in the same pod because they totally function together. Putting in removed from played heroes into the graveyard and then removing them again lets you bring out 2 Fusions for the cost of just 2 spells. Usually the targets are Absolute Zero or The Shining as they just give you more advantage.

This card really increases the level of play in Hero-based decks as it adds more versatility, randomness (surprise play), and synhergy in the builds. The release of Great Tornado on a separate note, may not be all that but having a Shrink on every monster of your opponent's is really nothing to scoff at and at many times, you will find that this is really important and viable to use. In short, 2800 attack is alot and you will e surprised how many duels are won from mere trumping of attack points.

But as most of you know, Parallel Fusion really shines in Eatos Cosmos decks (the deck that everybody really hates!!!!!!) because of the build's synergy with the Gemini Hero engine. Parallel Fusion is really good because you can suddenly pop up a big monster in there just like that. Parallel fusion is equivalent to any big monster like Babaros or Eatos because it puts a fusion on the field. One for one. Nothing wasted.

I still cant get the thought of The Shining or Great Tornado coming up. When The Shining leaves the field, The Shining gives you 2 more E-heros. That solves the lack of monster presence problem. Also, you may have dead gemini sparks in the hand. If The Shining dies, without Cosmos in play, it gives you your Neos Alius or at least a Stratos to search out another Neos Alius. Did I mention how big The Shining gets if there is no Skill Drain on the field?

Its just too bad there isn't any E-hero fusion that needs a Dark material monster. Nor is there a decent water Gemini so that we can play Absolute Zero

Now you see the potential of this card in Gemini engine Eatos Cosmos.


Anonymous said...

I'm not familiar with "Paralle World Fusion." What does it do?

mike said... go here n see =)