Saturday, December 5, 2009

Eatos Cosmos

So now the new hype is D.D eatos.

Personally i feel that the neos alius/gemini spark engine is too overrated. Sure its good. I mean draw a card after you destroy one.

But then after playtesting, I found that the build that doesnt run neos alius/ spark runs better. Its up to you to run cards to replace them. Its not that hard you know.

I mean the monster count is like so limited. The spark forces you to use up your monsters. How le, after that? Then, from the card you draw, it might be another dead dimension fissure, or a dead skill drain etc. How le like that????

Oh yes, card trader in the build is good IMO. But I only tested it out in the non-gemini engine. No time lah. Maybe at KL I'll test it out but only if Khye is willing to lend me the cards ^^

So I don't know what you guys think, but try running the build without that engine. Destroying one card on the field means nothing if your opponent has several big monsters staring at you. I suggest more monster removal.

And if you topdeck reinforcements of the army or E-emergency call and find out your Alius-es are all in your hand, you will cry. Oh and by the time it reached a topdecking war, will be happy to know that most of the time, those E-heros have already been used up.

My verdict? Simple. The Neos engine isn't good enough. In fact, I think replacing the Neos with other monsters with more devastating effect plus replacing the sparks with more monster removal is a much better idea. The Neos engine might look good on paper. But its not good enough.

Or maybe I'm complaining that because I do not have Starlight roads! Just kidding. No lah. Its true. Try out and see if you don't believe lo.

But I like to side in the Gemini idea because Gemini Spark really f*cks up Royal Decree.

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