Thursday, November 18, 2010

Starlight Road

When we side deck Needle Celing and Fairy Wind to destroy the Samurais in Game 2, i almost think it doesn't work at all.

Because Samurai Confirm side in triple Starlight Road and triple Decree.

But its likely they side in Starlight because free Stardust beatstick, and less vulnerable to Mystic Space Typhoon. Also they get to use their traps .


If Shien is on the field, and you activate a card and it gets negated by a counter trap, you get to activate ANOTHER SPELL AND TRAP WHEEEE.

Why? Because the spell and trap was counted as negated, and not played i guess, so LOL its cool anyways.

Next year is gonna be an exciting year, Konami is doing such an awesome job turning us into suckers to buy Gold Series and Angel Decks! Must resist tempatation... But Trishula! \

PPL please buy your DT Trishulas now because its surely normal rare (short print) and the gold rare version will be just as, if not more, expensive than the DT ultra. Same as Brionac...

Lucky for me, i dont have cash for that card so i wont feel so burdened when i spend 220 bucks on a Trishula.

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