Saturday, November 13, 2010

Combatting the Six Samurai

LOL storm of the 6 samurai!

Now, while many players think that 6 samurai are easy to be combatted if you take out their first summon, i have got to agree that's true.

But my question is.. What if they spam Double Summon? Which is the best card ever made for Six samurai because Double Summon + Kageki+ Random samurai monsters + Gateway/ United is crazy.

I really love the story of the 6 samurai , its so cool, Konami did a good job relating tand incorporating previous 6 samurai supports into new cards.

But now, seeing the pose of threat of triple double summon in the deck, what do we do?

Notice that six samurai are defined by their support of the 2 main spells: Six United, and Gateway of the 6.

Gateway is a retarded Black Whirlwind without limit, which can be activated like i don't know, how many thousand times a turn.

Its also the card that creates a good solid LOOP, which in my opinion, any deck that has a GOOD SOLID LOOP can be considered tier 1. (example: Frog Monarch last format, plus old Dark Magician of Chaos loops)

Six samurai United is just as retarded because you draw a card for every counter on it.

EDIT: kudos to baha who pointed out my previous mistake. didn't read the text it can only have 2 max counter. -.- nvm still free pot of greed! 3x pot of greed in samurai!

You can commit to field and then replenish your hand with United.

The Searching of Reinforcement of Army + Shien Smoke Signal + United + Gateway is retarded.

Crazier than Tele DAD you thought Tele DAD was mad since you could draw 1/4 of your deck in one turn.

WHICH MAKES THIS DECK PERFECT FOR POT OF AVARICE. Pot is one of those late game cards that made Quickdraw Dandy warrior SO GOOD. Now Samurai can still abuse with late game?

The easiest way to kill Six Samurai would be cards that destroy spells, meaning any deck which can first turn a Naturia Beast is skill !

Fairy Wind calls for instant sidedeck in threes because it destroys ALL faceup Spells and traps, meaning you can destroy United + Gateway at once for free.

Because seriously if you think about it, without United and Gateway they can still swarm with a couple of monsters below 2000 attack, save for Grandmaster of course..

But sure you take some damage, but in a fast samurai turbo, they aren't gonna waste too much space on traps you see.

So, next turn you just have to set some control cards, and synchro summon a big monster and you can control on from there.

Six samurai is gonna be a potent deck this December and Christmas, and I'm gonna have a fun time trying to challenge that damn deck.

On a side note, I may think of spamming Doppel Warrior in twos in my saber deck.

Seriously, Doppel Warrior is like some dandylion in this deck and it gives us all the more reason to run Army Reinforcements.

Doppel warrior can be special summoned with my immense Faultroll spam, and 3 Gottoms and 1 monster reborn... It gives me options for Trishula, Scrap Dragon sacrifices, and options for level 8, which is always a good thing. LOL.


Bahamut84 said...

what makes you think you can draw 6-7 cards out of a single Six Samurais United lol.

mike said...


ah well still a free pot of greed for samurai

Michael Bonacini said...

i think twister would be better than fairy wind, only because i imagine six samurai using 3 royal decree.

six samurai will most likely be a suicide bomb deck, the only reason i think it will win tournaments is because so many people would enter with it. no doubt it can win, but i dont think its as consistent as blackwing / x saber / plants. seems like 1 giant trunade and 3 royal decree isnt enough protection. i hope im right about all of this :P

mike said...

@ mike bonacini- its very consistent. i just played with it 2 hours ago from writing this..

Its only good as a swarm and the only 2 things you have to worry about is :

a) Shien monsters- retricting you to playing one spell/ trap per turn is damn annoying. The synchro is also annoying. So waste your Books, and Solemn Warnings on these 2 cards..

b) Or waste them on Shinai/ Mizuho. The loop is annoying.

Apart from that, it doesn't really do much except for swarm and all the monsters are 2100 atk and below anyways (except for the abovementioned shiens) , so summoning any bigger sycnhro monsters will help you win.

Also, a more detailed post tmr.

Mass monster removal is gold against Samurai.

Combatting shiens the (two versions) requires Caius and Book of Moon.

mike said...

oh yeah my score is..............

2:0 :D !!!

Anonymous said...

think u didnt see cards like "double edged sword technique", combo that with mizuho or herald of the six and dont forget the 2nd effect of legendary shien :)
the banhammer will kill em anyways.