Saturday, November 27, 2010


So I'm posting the decklist i used in KL on the 5th day. I'm not posting the decklist i used on 1st 2nd 3rd day because it was a Scrubber's list.

Very balanced, currently, in my opinion. Only things i wanna explain is :

1) hamster- I dont have a 3rd Dark Soul so I main this.

2) 2x Duality- Consistency is key, and i open with Duality and emmersblade/ Dark soul alot.

3) No Mirror Force- Prison is there to replace it, its better, because Mirror Force opens Stardust/ Starlight Road plays.

4) No oppression - Unlike Bellido, St Clair, or De Obaldia, i'm not a fan of oppression, although there is triple Trap Stun

5) triple Stun- Now i have bad hands with this sometimes , cos i draw one after another. May switch them for a MST.

6) Will run MST soon because it kills Book of Moon, which stopped me from making the push.

7) May think of teching an Airbellum. Hamster sometimes becomes a dead card if i use up both Dark Soul already. Hamster + Airbellum = Black Rose Dragon. Also, its better to waste Airbellum instead on Fullhelmknight on synchro summoning.

8) No Trishula cos i'm poor !! I borrow your Trishula from your extra deck haha.

9) May consider Mind Control. I run debris dragon as inspiration from Lazaro. Debris saves my ass and clears board for free while netting me a card from dark soul's effect. It opens up Black Rose plays which are rare.

10) No 3rd Book because drawing multiple Books SUCKS and it is sometimes a minus 1.

IMO, guys, Sabers is not that broken, its true Dark Soul is super awesome. Sean has demonstrated that with a well- timed Book of Moon, i will lose massive tempo. So, here's the list:

Monsters (19)
2 XX Saber Dark Soul
3 XX Saber Emmersblade
3 XX Saber FullhemKnight
3 XX Saber Faultroll
2 XX Saber Pashuul
2 XX Saber Boggart Knight
1 XX Saber Ragigura
1 Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
1 Super Nimble Mega Hamster
1 Debris Dragon

Spells (8)
2 Pot of Duality
2 Book of Moon
1 Giant Trunade
1 Cold Wave
1 Monster Reborn
1 Dark Hole

Traps (14)
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
2 Solemn Warning
1 Dimension Prison
3 Gottoms Emergency Call
3 Trap Stun
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Solemn Judgment
1 Starlight Road

Extra deck (15)
1 Mist Worm
1 Naturia Beast
1 Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
2 Stardust Dragon
1 Black Rose Dragon
1 Goyo Guardian
3 XX Saber Hyunlei
1 Scrap Dragon
2 XX Saber Gottoms
1 X Saber Urbellum
1 AOJ Catastor


Michael Bonacini said...

i'd definitely add airbellum, you need more targets for hamster.

also, is darksoul legal in ocg?

Anonymous said...

mike here- if so, how many airbellun ? One max imo. What would you take out for it ? Well no its not. Casual play and self organised tourneys yes but not official sanctioned play. tats y im makin fish :p

LFN said...

I don't really like Ragigura, drop it for an Effect Veiler?

Anonymous said...

i may. But through testin i dont really need veiler only for siding. Ragi is there for the handless loop. And i may take him out for airbellun. Wad should i take out for mst. Its hard to test deck when im back in kuching alredy. Mike here btw.

blackwingEX said...

you can achieve fautroll loop without ragigura, just use brionac to keep bonceing your fautrolls in and out, let them pick up darksoul from the GV and tribute them ASAP with gottoms...

both hands would be depleted but you will reload with darksouls during the end phase

drop ragigura, add airbellum

weakness is still effect veiler and d.d. crow though