Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Played with 6 sams two days ago

Its only good as a swarm and the only 2 things you have to worry about is :

a) Shien monsters- retricting you to playing one spell/ trap per turn is damn annoying. The synchro is also annoying. So waste your Books, and Solemn Warnings on these 2 cards..which they will just negate and restrict LOL.

b) Or waste them on Shinai/ Mizuho. The loop is annoying.

Apart from that, it doesn't really do much except for swarm and all the monsters are 2100 atk and below anyways (except for the abovementioned shiens) , so summoning any bigger sycnhro monsters will help you win.

Surprisingly went 2-0

But the variant wasn't the type you found on Shriek, and it focuses on speed, and relinquishes control in the form of traps like the Magatami Musa something shit card.

and no tuners so no Gateway + Kagemusha + Kageki.

Used Gorz to save my ass. Then control on there from next turn onwards.

Now we know, best card to destroy Samurai is Gorz, then control next turn.

Or let them swarm field, and then you somehow survive, then next turn clear field with Torrential Tribute, Dark Hole.

Book of Moon plus BTH + all that about destroying their first summon is almost bullshit, if they splash Double Summon.

Smart Six Sam players will summon some random monster, then bait out BTH/ Book, then spam their Double Summon and Kageki,

Seriously, broken cards will help you win the game! So save your broken staples like Dark Hole, Torrential etc.

What i didnt like about the one that won the one on Shriek is that the monster count is too little, and there is no Mizuho Shinai loop and that there is just some random swarm toolbox deck that is basically BF plus *inserts swarm deck* and divided by 2.

Decks which run Caius must remove Shien and then beat Samurai down ! Although is not that easy.

Potential Sideboard cards against Six Samurai :

a) Kinetic Soldier --> die shien die. But sadly dies to Mizuho loop
b) Dust Tornado/ Fairy Wind --> Awesome really.
c) Caius --> Die Shien. Cos 2 version of Shien = Naturia Bambooshoot lock.

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