Thursday, November 11, 2010


Apparently, rampant of the 6 samurai has begun, and a very balance format has been changed to one that is dominated by one dominant archetype.... : The six samurai! or Legendary 6 samurai (TCG new name) .

Peristiwa Sejarah (historical event) : as pointed out by my History book and the Arcobaleno Crew, M'sia had been plaqued and conquered by the Japs for 3 years and 8 months. A very coincidential number marks that till the next ban list, there is exactly 3 months and 8 days, meaning its historical that the 6 sams are tearing down M'sian meta!!!!

This format is worse than Tele- DAD, and probably as disruptive of the Dark Dive Bomb OTK format.

Or Frogs...With 3 six united, 3 gateways, this deck is faster than Tele DAD. and 3 Grandmaster, 3 Kizan who all jump out of no where.


So, if you can't beat them, join them!

Konami: Emergency ban Gateway ! or do something to it...

Or Errata!

Or this will be a very big challenge to us duelists to innovate and take on the 6 samurai.

Now, the whole game will be focused on killing 6 samurais, and Lam is damn happy i bet he's smiling now... And all our tech cards must be able to take on the general meta and the 6!

Anyways i have 6 sams (old ones) for sale! PM me for price. except Grandmaster because i traded them away last time..

On a second note, the new 5 synchros coming out in duel disk is very interesting and worth buying! Like LGQ noted , the first 2 are must plays in Junk and Debris. Or synchron decks.

Also, the new Blood Mephist reminds me of Dark Dive Bomber! Being able to burn up to 900 to 1500 of your opponent's life points per turn is very very good! Stall decks plus burn deck for him coming up! Somemore, it has no strict summoning synchro materials requirements!

Even Dark flat Top is interesting because its easy to get out the boss monster Flying Fortress Skyfire. Easy dump with Magical Merchant in Birdman abuse full monster decks.

Even Determined Daredevil is useful but i still think AOJ Catastor > D. Devil.

Also, D.D Spirit is a very good tuner!! Its level 1 and light, so Ancient Sacred Wyvern abuse! Mike Bonacini, this card was designed for you!

Watt Kirimu is also a very good card! Gold Sarcophagus + direct attack in one? Awesome!


Anonymous said...

You can't summon Flying Fortress if it wasn't summoned properly in the beforehand. So no dump with Merchan and free summon with Dark Flat Top. =w=

Anonymous said...

Are you sure? it did say ignoring summoning conditions

Ishtelte said...

Ignoring Summoning Conditions just means the card can be Special Summoned by other methods than the one in its Nomi condition. It doesn't break the rule that such monsters can't be Special Summoned from Grave/RFG without having been properly summoned first.