Saturday, November 27, 2010



Epic hungry now i confirmed a total of 4 burgers from Carls Junior. KL food is FUCKING expensive can cut my throat just to eat one decent meal.

So, I'm back! Short post!!!

1st day: Made Cookie come to Sg Wang on his day off. Sorry Cookie! Met Rauzes too, which was a first time, and finally i meet him, and no guys i DO NOT look like him, just cos we have Asian look + specs = not similar, and also, LGQ you said my hair is short now, actually its already considered long i gotta cut.

First day matches:

VS Rauzes D Hero Synchro. Score: 1:1 and i was laughing at someone's joke till if forgot to activate my Torential Tribute which would have cost game? But he synced Stardust and after laughing I looked at board and i was like WHATTTT Absolute Zero + Stardust + 2 more monsters. Nvm, twas good fun, good game there Rau.

VS Shooting Star - sorry i forgot your name i only remember your internet name and your face, and your deck. He used Quickdraw and i was testing a double Caius build, so score ended up 2-2
First match i scrubbed cos i had NEVER played against a Quickdraw variant and so i lost. Second match I drew double Trap Stun plus Bopggart + G. Emergency Call + Ragiagura. How to play?

Third match i needa give shoutout to Michael Bonacini as i followed his advaice about neglectiing card advantage and just push for damage, also Clear field and slamming Dark Soul into Ryko works.

Fourth match was arguably one of the funnest matches i have had ever played in my life as we dueled like Yugi and Marik where the game was so close and tight. Still won. Awesome.

However from first day, I was quite disappointed with my scores...

Second day- Met LGQ and we actually talked alot this time hahaha and i dueled his X Sabers. Result 3-3 if i'm not mistaken. Cos his trap based sabers and good timing of Gotom Emergency Call pulled through. Other matches i cant remember sorry!

So I had no mood to play Yugioh and i got a lil discouraged cos performance was poor.

Thanks to LGQ who pointed out that the problem was the 2 teched Caius. I searched for time to tune it but only had time on the 2nd last day.. Rode Roller Coaster at times Square and it was my first time and it was so epic it had like how many 360 degrees turn! I swear no Roller coaster will ever beat that!

Btw thanks LGQ for the mist worm!

Third day- Forgot too but i played Six Samurai. I cant remember the score but i remember total score, i won 2 more games than the samurai dude. Bad hand FTW. I met Sam! Cant believe he still remembers me! He looks much older and slightly talller than I remember. I grew, but we are bout same height, so he grew too i assume? Thanks for the awesome price for TCG Brionac, OCG Black Rose and random stuff.

Book of Moon plus Solemn Warning totally wrecks Samurai. Mgatama of Musakani is annoying. Stopping Samurai normal summon for the first 2 turns will help you set up and gain enough tempo to kill them.

Fourth day- sunway lagoon have fun in the water. Best day ever. Times Square roller coaster makes all the sunways one so noob.

Fifth day- (which is today), i met up with Sean Wong Fei Hung Zack, Michael Oji san and Shooting star. I needed to step up my game! So, i dueled Sean , Michael Oji san and Shooting Star.

Wong Fei Hung looked so so so OMG. This as a stick and hair like Grandmaster of Samurai. WOW oh wow. Shook his hand. And Zacks too. Im sorry Zack we didn't get to duel i had to leave, oh well next time!

So i played my first 2 matches against Scraps. Forbidden Holy Lance was really really good tech, and i have to give him credit, afterall he is our national champion. So i had no clue about how a Scrap deck works but i just Solemn Warning plus Judgment plus Book everything i see, and then attack for game. 2-0 . i was feeling good. I cant believe you didnt recognise/ remember me!!!!

Played Sean. I lost first match, awesome game, we both had bad hands, i chained Starlight and Solemn really really early against some card and his Oppression. Black Wing Gale is so annnoying it killed my Naturia Beast and Stardust, congrats Sean you are the first person i used my Naturia Beast against, but the second match was really close and it was a really high tension epic match, where every move was important. We both went into topdecking mode and i topdecked Duality and took Monster Reborn. It was really close i had 2 cards to his 2 cards and he summoned Reaper to poke through my life. He discarded Emmersblade, and next turn i Monster Reborn his Stardust Dragon and made a comeback. Nearly died to Book of Moon.

Third match i didn't remember much but raped with full Saber. Cold Wave is broken, true story.
Great games, Sean, we'll duel again in december. Our duels dont really revolve much on our decks, but more to skills and center on how we execute our cards. Good games man!

I dueled Shooting Star again and got my revenge 3-0 his Dandy deck, i felt good, he synchro summoned Shooting Star! He wanted to do Yuusei epicness but FAILED and next turn i synchro Brionac and game.

I dueled his Countdown deck and went 2-0 first match he had a bad hand so it was explainable. Second match was super epic too i won on the 19th turn. LOL. Nice matches!

So overall, I managed to get back some glory on the last day, thank you ALL of you who has made my trip memorable and enjoyable!

And i think i made everybody realize Dark Soul is Broken.


Duelist#LGQ said...

i think I'm the only one who thought this but ...

I now think Garsem >> darksoul now. considering the speed ...

I know this sounds weird, but I kinda hate darksoul more now. ha ha.

BUT!! Totally fell in love with Boggard!!

mike said...

Garsem? why?

Im probably not the only one whose gonna bring this up but... ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND HAHAHA.

oh yea rematch in december yea :)

why love boggard LOL

Duelist#LGQ said...

garsem is a sangan//goblin zombie = epic win.

I wanna go for game NOW, not next turn. thats why. and he works with my deck a lot better.

boggard cause his good.

mike said...


ok do run Garsem and we have a rematch soon.

Scary trap- based Sabers.

Duelist#LGQ said...

i was running garsem, just i couldn't pull it the whole day. and nah, my sabers are meant to be my official tourney deck so no exclusives here.

My build can make garsem a goblin zombie at any time, thats why I run it. ha ha

Anonymous said...

mike here. How do you make garsem goblin zombie ?

Duelist#LGQ said...

you'll see. my deck basically resolves around garsem. ha ha.

Anonymous said...

how ? ? I cant think of any other way besides scrap dragon maybe. Make fish with me !! Then we basically playin like the same decks hahahah