Saturday, November 6, 2010

Large Heat Wave

sorry for the lack of posts but i've been lazy to post on yugioh, the interest in the game has quietly diminished after the exams but will spur again once i go to KL.

Today's card review is Large Heat Wave which is like Cold Wave.

The general disadvantage for it is that you can't special summon or normal summon and is a one turn Holy Light for all decks which is usually enough to throw your opponent off momentum

Just like Cold Wave, you really do not see monsters for about 2 to 3 turns (for opponent).

If you open up with Heat Wave and play it first, it is a waste of time because your just prolonging the start of the game, and the game instead starts when everyone has 7 cards in hand except you only have 6. And also, its not very good since its really a -1 for you and there is no point being able to play spells/ traps like Book of Moon, Prison etc when there are no monsters to play on.

Generally, this card is incredible when you have complete control over the game and play it to seal the game.

But then people do lucky topdecks like set Spirit Reaper/ Pashuul or Dark Hole then topdeck back into the game.

Which makes it very situational so its useless so its balanced but still shitty.

Like michael bonacini said, Bottomless and Book of Moon is 1000x better.

Speaking of him, his blog is like the new for TCG duelists. Go read up. Haha.

Also after testing out with 2 effect veiler, i'm having some serious doubts.

While it does have imbal power against certain stuff it cant stop a big attack monster from wrecking you.

Playing it on Trishula or Dark Armed Dragon (cards that wins games) will cost one card (veiler) and at least one trap to kill it making it a 2 for 1. And that isn't worth it, and its multiple cards for one, and isn't that what boss monster's role? To create a situation where you play one card and feed of for 2 or more from your opponent. In fact, if you dont lose a trap, you still lose a monster in battle.

And drawing 2 is SHIT luck in turn 1 like me. But ppl with shit luck like me balance it out by drawing Monster Reborn in my opening hands almost every game LOL. So, 1 teched veiler is enough.

Oh and i found a girl who looks like Yoona but shorter muahahahahahah SNSD fans be jealous!

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Michael Bonacini said...

aww thank you :)

something i forgot with heat wave is that its impossible to create advantage off of activating it. any monster you already have on the board is still vulnerable to our opponent's backrow, on top of the fact that you cant summon anything yourself, meaning you cant even push for more damage (cause if you are protected from gorz, you might as well push for damage right?). monsters are dangerous, but heat wave goes at it from the wrong angle.

just because it has cool art and has "wave" in its name doesnt make it a good card :P