Monday, November 29, 2010

Some thoughts

1) Why isn't Great Shogun Shien ran in the Six Samurai decks in the OCG Shriek decklists. 14 to 15 monsters at most, Shien will do wonders for the deck actually.

Shien + True Shien is some damn hard to break lockdown, save if you have Effect Veiler and its hard to destroy too with its effect that lets you destroy another Samurai instead.

Its really REALLY easy to play. So, why aren't you running Shogun Shien now?

EDIT : thanks to lgq for pointing out on a ruling that I didn't know about. so no Naturia Bambooshoot scenario.

However, its still a free 2500 beatstick that can become 3k with Gateway's first effect.
Its easily special summonable too.

And it can disrupt opponent's flow/ tempo too as he has to choose carefully which spell and trap he must activate first. Mind game!

2) Why aren't Quickdraw / Plant Synchro Variants running Snowman Eater?

It provides consistency, disruption, incredible synergy with Caius (its a -2 and 2400 damage), and good with for synchro fodder. Hell, it makes Trishula so easily its not even funny.

3) This is epic :

Heroes + Plant Synchro. Remodified Debris Heroes? I likey. Seems abit inconsistent, but I may test it out if I have the time considering I have almost all the cards except for the 2 Dandys.

Thats gonna be really long, since i'm working on Fish now. Expect to see cheap fish decks taking KL by storm in 2 weeks time.


LFN said...

The Debris Hero deck is indeed very interesting, I don't like the focus towards the Debris Hime aspect though... I myself would focus more on heroes =/

Anonymous said...

then that would just be relatively hero beat :p which is boring as shit i rather run aliens or psychic in a tourney rather than run that boring deck. but on paper that deck looks inconsistent to the max. Opening with a full monster hand sucks and milling away your miracles and gem sparks is scary

Duelist#LGQ said...

just saying this but.

reason why no one runs shien is because :

if your opponent activates a S/T, true shien negates it. He can ACTIVATE another one even if old shien is on the field.

Its a ruling.

Hope this helps.

BTW, no, you will not see fish decks running around in KL.

Yes, I know fish has can be a great match for samurais. BUT!!

1. you need 3 formula syncron to play it.

2. KL people don't usually try decks that are not accomplished.

Duelist#LGQ said...

misreaded what you wrote there.

BUT, fish won't work without formula, unless you don't plan on syncro that is

Anonymous said...

i meant i will be running fish lah :D haha yes i will have 3formula by hook or by crook and tat means tcg :p oh got tat ruling ? Then 6 sams is even easier to beat than i thought :) thanks for the ruling !