Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Herald of Perfection

Okay short post today. Exams not yet finished. Wait till friday >.<

After that will have a lot of decklists and discussion, i hope.

Just Herald of Perfection discards a fairy to negate a monster/spell/trap effect etc.

So, is Herald like Light and Darkness Dragon?

Can it only use its effect once per chain? I mean it would be broken if I:

1) activate MST
2) Herald chainlink 2
3) I declare 3rd chain link and chain a Raigeki Break

can Herald jump chain link and negate Raigki break again? No right...That would be illogical even in terms of Konami rulings....

So, if that can be done, it will be very easy to kill.

Chain Divine Wrath , Doomcaliber Knight, Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, Raigeki break, Gemini Spark, God Bird Attack, Book of Moon etc etc.... Too many to name.

If can't, prepare to scoop and side in Lava Golemn or Volcanics Queen.


Anonymous said...

LaDD is the only one to have the "Once in a chain" ruling because if not, LaDD would try to negate itself also (and making it lose all of its negations).

Herald of Perfection is allowed to use its effect multiple times in a chain because you have direct control over it (discarding Faries). This applies to Gladiator Beast Heraklinos too.

Anonymous said...

HoP has a Quick effect, so it can trigger multiple times per chain. Yes, it is time to scoop :p

Anonymous said...

Herald can't even stop Divine Wrath, you're free to chain it to herald's effect to stop the monster.

mike said...

Thanks for the rulings guys.

Lets all hate Herald together.

@2nd anonymous- i know it cant stop wrath =) i dint say it could stop wrath did i?

Exiro said...

This seemed rather obvious to me, just compare it to GB Heraklinos because they are the most similar (both optional effects).

Here's a harder question: can Perfect Declarer activate during the damage step?

mike said...

@exiro-san: hoping that it couldnt hehe. god its uber broken :/

Err apparently yes. Apparently he can. according to wikia. so no honest bye bye.

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