Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ban List

Whee time to make banlist.

Banned cards: None/ Seriously. If you ban too much right, then we will not have such a diverse enjoyable format anymore.

So, I go according to decks la.

Limited cards: Icarus Attack

Semi Limited: Kalut the Moonlight

Reasons: Icarus is broken. Try taking 2 out of BF deck and they will lose their so called Gemini Spark. Also, limiting Icarus, gives them more options to innovate and such. So, they don't really lose out.

Kalut is also evil because its like Honest. Too much Whirlwind galore into Kalut.
Kalut is one of the most dangerous cards out there.

Other comments: I know that some people will wanna limit Whirlwind, but imo, that will cripple the deck too much till it becomes almost unplayable. Shura need not be limited also. Its Kalut and Icarus that make Shura broken.

Limited: Trishula of the Ice Boundary
Semi-limited: Infernity Gun, Infenrity mirage

Reasons: As long as they have only one Trishula, its not so dangerous till it strips away 9 cards (3 from grave, hand field). I chose to limit Gun so they can't do to many loops, and I limited Mirage because its crazy since it can summon 2 Infenrity.

Other comments: I didn't limit Demon because with one you can still do the loop. I didn't limit Necromancer cos its not as broken as Mirage.


Limited: Ronintoaden, Substitoad,

Reasons: Obvious

Other comments: Though the frog lock is annoying, it isn't impossible to break it. Black Rose, Torrential, Gaius, Dark End Dragon, Scrap Dragon, Mist Wurm, Trishula, God Bird Attack...quite alot.


Limited: Nothing much really as the deck is quite okay. Its not so broken but I don't really play the deck so I'm not sure if Gearframe or Fortress should be touched.


Limited, semi-limited: Nothing much.

Declarer Lock ( Angel ceremony)

Limited/ Semi Limit: Archlord Christia. Three is too many to increase consistency to get the lock. If he has only Declarer its easy to kill as you can just perform a Synchro Summon.

Cat Synchro:
Comments: Nothing as the deck is quite stable now. Can't ban Cat as that's too cruel and you will kill the whole point of the deck. Limit Airbellum? Nah, they have less dead draw and now can play Magician's Ape (soon) or mix with Quickdraw Dandy because it can abuse Spore, Snyfus, Glow Up Bulb bla bla bla...

Okay That's all for decks. Next post, hopefully I will post the other random cards that make it in or out ot the banlist. Stuff like Brain Control and Trap Dustshoot is VERY VERY dangerous, but does that make it ban worthy?

Hopefully I will remember to answer these questions next time //



HaouJudai said...

You don't think rescue cat will be banned? When does the OCG get darksoul?

mike said...

Next yr get Dark soul. Lucky ahh. But that means TCG is likely nt gonna see Dark Soul touched.

No cat won't be banned