Thursday, July 29, 2010

Machine Emperor

If they are really really that easy to be special summoned (as long as your face up monster is destroyed by a card effect)

It's really amazing, the summoning conditions is really easy. Almost every good deck revolves around destroying face up monsters, stuff let's say Judgment Dragon, Dark Armed Dragon, Mirror Force, Torrential Tribute, Scrap Dragon, Snowman Eater, Gravekeeper Descendant, Ryko, Lightlord Hunter God Bird Attack etc as i just wrote what randomly came to my head.

A free 2500 attack is no fun

Plus, the level 1 is really really cool since its versatile to be used as synchro fodder. level 1 is versatile as it can formulate Formula Synchron, or give you more synchro option

eg Junk Syncrhon + Cyber Dragon. If Emperor exists, it can probably allow you to summon Trishula instead of Stardust as an option if you wanna clear more cards.

Wisel's Infinity's effect has already been confirmed, whereby it can absorb at least one synchro per turn. You can have (max 5) synchro monsters equipped to it, provided you have enough monster card zones. If Wisel is destroyed, (like any other card equipped with an equipped spel card), the equipped card is sent to grave. So that ensures at least one synchro is destroyed

It can negate one spell per turn too. I'm guessing Granel and Skiel negate one trap/ monster effect per turn too.

Each is versatile in its own way depending on the meta (which meta is more dependant on trap/monster/ spell)
EG: This meta is equally dependant on its traps/spells/ monster effects. Last meta was more dependant on monsters for summoning.

Granel is Earth meaning fodder for E-hero Gaia, Skiel is Wind meaning fodder for E-Hero Great Tornado, and Wisel is dark, meaning it's probably gonna be the more commonly played one.

Mechanical Castle prevents your synchros from being the target of Synchros. It also adds a Machine Emperor when its destroyed.

Self replaceable, i like. But first part isn't awesome. Lol.

Being machine of course means its friends with DS and Cyber Dragon. Easy chimerafortress fodder

And OHMYGOD in the latest Yugioh episode 120 of 5DS, that guy has a Trishula!!!! So, it exists~

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Neuxcharge said...

Yesh!!!! Trishula is in the Anime waiting to become more than a cameo in future!!!! XD

Yea, I think they didn't really think through the full extent of what the M.emperors can become , plus seeing that there is a field spell who knows maybe there will be more support for them =O