Thursday, July 8, 2010


So chem today was suprisingly easy. I think i will pass :D

Tomorrow is Moral and for Malaysian syllybus we have to remember and memorize word for word definition of moral and life values. =.= Im sure everyone hates it too. Cheating mode activate!!!!

Vayuu the emblem of honour as super rare in Majestic Red tin??? Nice. Super rare Battle Fader? nicer!

Scar Red Nova dragon is changed to Nova Red Dragon in TCG. Boo hiss.

Thanks Exiro for telling me that Fusion gate's effect is not counted as triggering or activating the effect. Now, Fusion Gate Heroes can kill Declarer! Provided they don't summon Kristia lol but that's usually much later in the game or around mid game.

No post tommorrow and Saturday. Futsal, Badminton, Movie, Karaoke, Supper, Sleepover.

Playtesting on Saturday so hopefully Sunday can, if im not busy.

That's all for today. One day I will discuss the benefits of a trap heavy Froggy build. Like Andrew's. Instead of the usual 4 traps consisting of 3 aoi, and 1 trap dust chute.

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