Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Star Strike Blast!

Thanks to Baha.

Now let's note super rare cards from Star Strike Blast:

DD Ground- One turn DD Fissure. Awesome. Side deck material. Must invest in two. I mean DD Fissure is awesome but then the problem is if you're playing a meta deck, which is likely to invest in the graveyardm you can't main DD Fissure. One turn DD Fissure is nice stuff.

Dark Emperor Dig? - Something like Kuraz. But for removing 2 cards in graveyard. Can't attack on the turn its summoned like Kuraz. Mill 2 cards from opponent's topdeck??? Whaaaat? Epic fail. Trash.

Supreme Magician Arcanite- so what? Spamming Miracle Synchro Fusion in Gravekeeper cat is now very very viable! Arcanite Magician after used up and removed with Gracekeeper Spy/ Guard/ Descendant. Nice!

Power Breaker is cool too! Nice beatstick. Can see it spammed in Earth Beat decks. Also, Gigantes food.

Tuning- what it is super?? Money fly away. This is the new Pot of Duality.

Glowup bulb- hmmm cool stuff too. too bad it isn't a dark or its an auto level 5 synchro with Knight of the End. Discarding top card from the deck is much much more useful than Plaquespreader. It is also a tuner and it could be used for a sacrifice summon.

Core Chi Ring is pretty good for Core Chimail too. Destroying any face up monster and deals 1000 damage? Wow. Just like their Core Solemn negating thingy too which is freaking annoying.

Large Heat Wave- What??? Cold Wave monster form ?? You can still set something. Nice. Not exactly a game breaking card now, but we'll see.

Stranger's Compensation- Lets send Neos Alias to the graveyard, draw, and then play Hero Blast next turn! Or use it for Miracle Fusion stuff. Profit.

Star Eclipse Level Claim- Whaat? You can use it on your monster and then use it so synchro again...

Void Space is nice. Its almost like a one turn Royal Oppression. Similar to Imperial Order which is usually used for one or two turns only. The sad thing is its much easier to get rid of then Oppression. Only by "sending" it,....Hmm....

Large Traphole- is mehh. Could keep it, one day it can be viable side deck material. Best is when your opponent special summons with Gyzarus, then chain it and everything is lost.

Tyrant's Coercion works better than many think. The cost of releasing one monster can be voided by just chaining it to your monster when its about to be destroyed to lose target. Then being not affected by trap cards is useful too. No Bottomless, no Torrential Tribute, no Mirror Force.

I guess that means chaining Torrential Tribute when you normal summon will end up letting your opponent's cards be destroyed and not yours.

Best is no God Bird Attack.

But with Gemini Sparks, Caius, other forms of monster removal (Aklys and Legion). its quite meh too.

Oh why doesn't Konami release more game breaking cards like best in the old days?

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Duelist#LGQ said...

bcuz Konami never expected YGO to turn into such a complicated game where even "send from hand to graveyard" and "discard" would have different effects.

in the good old days, its pretty much the same ... now ... its heaven and hell