Saturday, July 3, 2010

Black Ptera

Totally saw this card when browsing Japan Nationals.

Some guy was using Ptera Control. So, I checked it out and here's its effect:

When this card is sent to the graveyard, other than being destroyed by battle, it is returned to your hand.

Pretty amazing and can go for some OTK of some sort. So I checked it out in the internet and what do you know, there is really a Ptera OTK.

Apparently it takes the dinosaur itself and Ultimate Offering and a card that can deal damage (i.e: Cannon Soldier, Toon Cannon Soldier, Mass Driver)

Tribute Ptera with a Mass Driver and deal 500 damage and return it to hand. Your opponent's life is at 7500.

Now pay for Ultimate Offering and summon Ptera again so now your life is at 7500. Tribute for Mass and opponent's life is at 7000.

So after you OTK, you will be left with 500 life points, cos you are always 500 life points ahead of your opponent.

To receive zero damage, just run stuff like Waboku and stuff you would run in Countdown.

Cool OTK but its epicness level would be 0 out of 10. OTK with a dinosaur? Lame!

Alot of Hero Light Beat in Japan, didn't realise it was such a popular deck for them. BF still topping there.

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