Thursday, July 1, 2010

Brain Control

Nothing to post and waiting for Sung Lee's decklists...

Plus, my exams are like now, so just a short post. History motherfucking hard, ask any malaysian, they will tell you form 4 and 5 history need remember abt 6 to 7 points on meaningless stuff. Height, area measurements for Hindu Buddha temples? Ugh.

So another filler post this time regarding Brain Control.

Brain Control is arguably the most broken card in the game right now (except for Heavy Storm). Its the single card that should be banned, but left limited for our topdecking luck sack pleasures.

I'm sure many of you , including me, have topdecked a Brain Control at the last moments of the match and turned the game around with it. And you won.

Therefore, here is proof that Brain Control was made for the late game.

So there are many players playing it wrong. Because they choose to activate it in early game and waste it on removing that single monster when you have 1000 other ways to do so.

Brain Control wins games. It is the staple that must be inside all decks that are not autopilot FTK etc.

So, save it for late game next time, unless your in a tight pinch. Decks like Frog Monarchs should not use it so quickly, as they can tribute for their Monarchs and LADD with their Frogs or Soul Exchange.

Try playing in a more conservative manner, what can hurt? From what I hear, Singaporean players are extremely conservative and that is how they win tourneys. Proof: Ben Hong as the defending World Champion.

Conserve that Brain Control and you can see a difference.

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