Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cease Fire!

Today's topic is ceasefire!

I think we can agree this is the best burn card in the game which has the ability to deal up to 2500 to 3000 damage in just one turn.

So, why is ceasefire viable tech this format?

Firstly its first effect is very very useful at certain times as it can allow you to flip face down cards up for safe attacks.

Let's not forget it completely destroys Jowls of Dark Demise, Gravekeeper's SPY, GUARD, and Ryko lightlord dog. It's almost like your best friend versus Cat Synchro.

Oh yeah take note it doesn't destroy Mr. Snowman eater because snowman is not considred a flip effect monster.

But that's good if you are the one using Snowman! Flip Ceasefire up and deal 1000 damage then destroy a face up card with Snowman. (Your opponent is guaranteed to have a face up)

Of course that isn't half the potential that Ceasefire brings. In a control heavy format, we im to deal as much damage as possible.

Ceasefire deals at least 2000 damage if you use it well.

It is chainable, plus at the right timing, it could give you game. Seriously chipping off 1/4 of your opponent life points is scary stuff. Even if you only inflict 1000, its really alot.

Let's not forget Royal Oppression, Solemn Judgment, Divine Warning, My Body as a Shield.

You can chain Ceasefire to inflict damage to your opponent when he decides to activate a life paying card such as Divine warning and My Body as a Shield. Super epic if you can render that card useless by chipping off his or her lifepoints.

Inflicting 2000 damage plus in early-mid game, and mid game, is very valuable when you want to deal damage in late game. Sometimes you think about it and say "shit, what a close game, I lost by 1000 lifepoints only. What a shame"

What a shame, right? Ceasefire can change it.

Its an incredible card that is for crippling opponents. I think its good tech, as i too, have teched it out, and won several games with it. Its been always good and proves useful. Also, that could be because I rarely get bad hands so its not hard to utilize Ceasefire to its fullest.

Oh oh! Read its text it says for each effect monster on the field. Dragunitys can use this to punish the opponent with its crazy Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon Swarm and Mistill and also since every Dragonunity basically is 2 Dragunity since they always cheat and summon each other from the graveyard.

Oh my god, Birds are full of God Bird Attacks, first 3 copies of the card itself, now Legion and Aklys. Nuts man. Legion is a +2, so basically thats probably one of the main reasons why the deck is so good aside loop and Dragon canyon, the best field spell in the world.

Let's use it to burn Dragunity too when they throw their Aklys at Ceasefire face down.

Its so random and its so epic! who would be ready for Ceasefire??

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