Saturday, May 29, 2010

I want Cardass branded sleeves! If anyone can find them, please contact me!!!!The blue ones!

Firstly, regarding Mr Jae Kim's article on Blackfeathers, congrats to you, you found out something the OCG duelists have been doing since...forever? Its a good thing you're an influential player, now maybe BF will flourish in the TCG meta again.

Tested Hero deck against Infernities. Forgot to bring sidedeck so had to play with the cards in my maindeck =.= Learnt my lesson to feign the thought about advantage against Infernity and just summon Absolute Zero and my opponent will confirm be in a predicament.

Giant Trunade is annoying! I couldn't change Gemini Spark to Infirnity Gun!

Tested against BF. Won by 7-5 on first day but then i was beginning to lose faith in my deck. I decided to re-main my Battle Fader which I sided out for Monk and after re-maining Fader, the deck became much much better. Gravekeeper's Guard is a bad draw. Good topdeck but I'm rarely pushed into these situations.

After some retesting. 2-0. Yes the deck is back on form.

If i get all my traps, its mostly GG but then if not, I may struggle abit, but still okay.

Got 2 Super Poly and may think of teching one.

Running Pot of Greederosity in 2s in more than enough per deck. I encourage you guys to search this card and main it en masse. Its too good not to be passed up.

need to go watch the idol finale now. i totally missed it =.=

Also, I have THREE weeks of HOLIDAY! Feeling elated now, time to have fun and relieve all the stress! More posts soon//

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