Monday, May 24, 2010

Summon priest and the Jessica

For some reason, blogger is not failing me afterall :D so first a Yugioh-related post. Short one nia.

Card review: Summon Priest.
Extremely versatile this format. and extremely useful. can summon E-hero Airman , Rai-oh, Honest for Light Beat and Her0 decks. Turns that useless dead E-Emergency Call/ Terraforming into free monsters. Fun to call Honest. I'm testing it out in hero and its working VERY WELL.

And you know the usual Cat stuff, uh huh.

Can be adapted into Infernity to summon Demon by pitching your magic card. Then search gun to hand.

Or its a direct Proving Ground in GB.

Machina Gadget dont need it lol. and Blackwings dont need it either.

Extremely useful in the right deck. Every person should look through their decks and see if their deck can adapt Monk. remember Monk boosts synergy and imo, its the most important aspect of the game.

Synergy of various cards to create deadly combos can destroy consistent decks.

Rating: 4/5

Now on to the girl!

She is my close friend, who is one year younger than me and damn pretty. I first noticed SNSD from the Super Girl video by Super Junior and I saw a girl who looked like my friend! So I researched it on the net and bla bla bla.

My friend doesn't believe she bears resemblance to jessica lol.

She's top student, star athlete bla bla bla.

For starters, here's 3 scenes from Super Girl. Notice the blonde brownish hair girl.

yes the one in the middle lol.

yes quite pretty right.

Now pay attention to the next few pictures.

No la, dont look at the black girl! Thats my friend's sister. Look at the fair pretty one texting :)

Seriously, similar right! My classmates quite agree too.
This is her with the basketball guy. She still looks better natural in real life.

Nei, star athlete! From this year's Sports Day.
Jessica is thin as a stick, and so is this girl. Younger version only la! She's 14 going on 15. Same shape somemore! her brownish hair is natural btw.
Now promise me you guys dont go spam her on Facebook. Later i die. Seriously. Then I may have to shut down this blog haha.
Cos no one else knows I blog. About Yugioh. And certainly not show her pictures on the blog without her consent.

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