Saturday, May 15, 2010

Synchron Explorer

Yeah this card is good
Why aren't you using it !
The range of targets match Junk Synchron...well..kinda...ok maybe that was exagerrating but its versatility nearly matches Junk's.
Its a well balanced card that can fit into (once again... ) Quickdraw decks. Just realised you can summon this and special summon Qucikdraw Synchron. (Hey it gets milled away sometimes!) So why not revive Quickdraw with this?
Instant Gungnir/ Black Rose some powerful lvl 7 syncrho.
If you have 1 fluff token (which you most likely will!), you can play a lvl 8 , say Stardust, Scrap Dragon or ooh Junk Destroyer and destroy some cards!
If you have 2 fluff tokens, lets just synchro Trishula.
Try testing it out. If it fits your taste, run it!
With Tuning, all Yuusei decks are finally confirmed Tier 1 to 2! Awesome awesome. Reinforcement of the Army for Synchron cards.
Also, if you watch 5Ds, when Quick Syncrhon uses his effect, there is a scene where he uses his gun and shoots a roulette wheel of "Syncrhon cards" to be susbstituted as. Notice there are a couple more Synchron tuners that we have never seen before so this probaly means more broken (hopefully) support! Nice!
Also, Formula Synchron is cool since you can auto synchro Black Rose or Trishula durin opponent's turn just like that. Epic man. I'll leave it to ur imaginations or Neuxman to think of the epicness where your opponent declares he's gonna play it. Then oops trishula it out of his hand. LOL. ok its not legal in tourney, but STILL!
Gonna complete my Hero deck real soon :) Yes!
LGQ, if you want my Red Eyes, come offer :)


Aozu Akazu said...

This can get you Natural Beast too. Too bad you can't search it with Tuning.

Bahamut84 said...

Pulling Quickdraw will not negate its "condition".

mike said...

@Baha- Oh yeah hor! Nvm still got trishula and level 8 love...I'm surprised ur still alive!!

@Aozu- yes. such a shame :( or else it will be too broken?

Anonymous said...

You can't synchro Quickdraw to Junk Destroyer because Exploerer effect negates QuickDraw ability to be a different synchron.

mike said...

@ilikewater2009- Hey I like water too! =D No pun intended.

Yes it can summon J destroyer becayse Quickdraw's condition cannot be negated. Check wiki:)