Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A card most of you should have in your sidedeck.

Remember Legendary Judo Master, that card that everybody was sidedecking a couple of formats ago?

It was widely sided , and sometimes mained, to beat Gladial Beasts and can be extremely annoying.

This format's must sidedeck card is definitely Snowman Eater.

Snowman Eater destroys any face up monster on the field when it is flipped, BUT its not a flip effect. So once attacked, it acts as a monster destruction option.

If you see the trend from Shriek, you can see Snowman being mained in 2s or 3s in the side.

Its extremely good against BF, true story, as it eats anything up. Very annoying.

It also has extremely high defense (1900) which is very annoying already in this format, so opponent will take some damage or have to actually put in effort to destroy it.

A few posts ago, I talked about what a good opening play it would make.

We are in a slow format, so why not play this? Once it has destroyed something, the next turn you can use it as synchro bait. Being level 3, it is not too high and not too low, and you can easily summon Junk Destroyer or Trisiula. Its easy Goyo and Brionac fodder too.

Level 3 and water and 0 attack makes it a very good addition in Junk and Debris. This card has an awesome effect, and the attack makes it good for Debris target. Being water lets you access to stuff like Gungnir and not the usual boring Chain Dragon or Black Rose.

Its also so good in Hero decks as it does the same thing while providing fodder for Absolute Zero. Ab Zero is still crazy good this format because it can mess with the opponent's monsters. At least its a one for one. And usually it destroys at least 2 or more cards.

Wei we can also splash it in Drill Plant! (quickdraw dandywarrior) Good Debris target, good opening play, and set it then next turn discard Quick Synchron and Dandy so you can make Trisiula or any level 8 you want. Awesome awesome. Snowman is also good staller in Drill Plant if you cant get your combos yet or if your hand is bad.

Don't forget Cat! Basically ANY tech that you can splash into Drill Plant can be splashed into Cat too. The 2 decks are really similar except for the main combos or the fluff farming which is gay!

Seriously la, it can last at least 2 turns average if your opponent doesnt have a god hand. If you play it as an opening move, theres no doubt that it will last 3 turns or even more.

I would find some jap versions of Snowman if i could :(

I advise you guys to go find some and if you come across it whilst trading or browsin people's binder, invest a few bucks or commons and get it! Its no doubt an awesome investment.

This post is more for the OCG. I guess Snowman could work in TCG too since Drill Plant and Cat is really popular there. Hmmm.

I cant believe I missed 2nd may tourney!!!!! I cant believe it was Nationals!!!!!!!!!!!! since when was Nationals so fast!!!! nNuuuuuuuuuu....... shit...oh well nvm la.... :(

Also, I know Trap Dustshoot isn't fun to run, but I agree with EGale from Duelist Deductions. It is awesome and if you play a major tourney, make sure to switch a card for a Dustshoot!


Anonymous said...

Ah, good 'ol Frosty...

I used to use Nightmare Penguins, but this seems better-I still don't own one yet.

It can also be used with Salvage and...maybe Reptiliannes?

D-Slayer said...

lol I Agree - Amazing + Wierd Card Art Aside - I must admit I did seem to underestimate Frosty.

All of the benefits of being a flip effect monster, but none of the drawbacks.

Of the monsters that destroy monsters when flipped - this is among the best in his own right, mainly because of his awesome 1900 DEF.

I mean nowadays most non-tribute monsters will have trouble breaking it. The Rykos, Night Assailants, Man Eater Bugs, and Old Vindictive Magicians of the world usually die in the process when attacked, so it turns into a 1 for 1 trade.

But Because its hard to break the snowman's defense, one will often destroy your opponent's monster, leaving the snowman on the field to tribute for something else come your turn. (Again Synchro and Tribute Fodder aside)

His major flaw comes after his effect goes off. U got a nice 1900 wall up, but he's got no offensive capabilities. Also watch to make sure he's not flipped while ur opponent has no monsters ... as Snowman will eat SOMETHING ...even if it winds up being himself ...