Sunday, May 23, 2010


Wanted to update like long long time ago but blogger wouldn't let me sign in properly =.= was busy yesterday etc.

So, I tested my Heroes against Quickdraw a couple of days ago, and went 5 nil. yes, 5:0

So, I came upon a conclusion while seeing Quickdraw in action and seeing the feature matches in YCS Chantilly.

Problem: LADD and Tytannial.

They may be awesome beatsticks if brought out right but seriously la, it can be very very bad draw and sucks if you draw it at the wrong time.

Tytannial can be useful but imo, the deck should be all about crazy synchro-ing and I really suggest players to take them out and replace them with stall cards (see some previous post on the options that Quickdraw can take)

I think players should run more Debris/Junk Synchron and Tuning when it comes out :)

The deck is meant more to be a synchro deck so dont go play Tytannial and LADD inside it for nothing :)

Anyways, the top 2 is Crystal and LEE! But today's topic is 2nd runner up Casey James. I really liked his version of "Daughters".

And apparently we have a card that looks like him LOL. Except Honest's hair is longer and he is dressed in some gay old Greek costume. Which is good, it acts character to the art.


Exiro said...

And don't forget about the man-boobs.

mike said...


Big chest is sexyy :D

The chicks digg it